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I was raised in Southern New Jersey. Lived In Philadelphia, New York City, California, and Hawaii. So I have a diverse taste in cultures. I believe that living all over as I have has made me a more relaxed person, open to new experiences and cultures.

I moved to Mississippi when I was 21 years old in 1992. I worked in a major casino in Biloxi for years as a Dealer and a Table Games Supervisor. I always enjoyed working in the casino industry. I met many great people and it was generally always exciting.

I met and married my husband Warren in Mississippi, A casino love story :-) Then in 1996 I gave birth to our first son Aaron. Then in 1998 to our second and last son David. Unfortunately working in a casino at night was hard. We both worked the same shift and we spent alot of quality time together. But taking care of two small children and working night's was very hard. Sleep was not a word I was associated with!

So after 8 years of working for someone else I decided to stay at home with my family. My children are happier, my husband is happier, and I am Much Happier!

Now I am doing something relaxing and enjoyable. I believe that working for myself is the best thing that could ever have happened for my family. Because now we can be together!

I love making things from my own hands. I love to use the products that I make also. Nothing better then knowing you have a great product! Fact is I would never sell any product that I didn't believe 100% in! I hope that you enjoy my products as much as I do!

So turn on the music, turn off the lights, Light up your favorite Incense and.....Light up a few candles! Don't forget we all need some time to just relax and pamper ourselves!
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Jennifer "Juniper" Spayth
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