Jeff Ploetz’s Website

Returned BG PCV.  Pictures and reflections – the whole two years, mainly reports about his work. 


Heather Brown’s Website

Get a different angle on PC Bulgaria.  Check out Heather’s site for pictures, journal entries and other odds and ends. 


Bulgaria Buzz – Skip and Carol Thompson’s Website

Website of a couple now serving in rural Bulgaria.     


Jen and Jeremy Haile’s Website

Website of a couple on the other side of the Black Sea, in Armenia, serving at the same time we are.  Lots of great reflections . . .


Lisa Fiala’s Website

Bulgaria Business PCV in Karnobat – near the Black Sea.


Sarah Cook’s Website

Bulgaria Teaching  PCV – also living in Karnobat.


Chantel Sloan’s Website

PCV Teacher living in Samakov – Western Bulgaria. 




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