Summer, 2000


Our first days in Bulgaria  /  Our Host Family, the Nikolivi’s, during PST  /  Model School during PST – our first crack at teaching in Bulgaria  /  The Swearing in Ceremony  /  Day Trippin’- Blagoevgrad


Fall, 2000


Thanksgiving 2000 with our PC pals in Dryanovo  /  Day Trippin’ – Varna  /  Sites of Silistra (1) – our home for two years  /  Our apartment


Winter, 2000-01


St. Yordanov (Jordan) Day  /  Bucharest  /  Christmas  / 

Sites of Silistra (2) – a bleak, winter day


Spring, 2001


Greece – Spring Break Vacation  /  Plovdiv and Bachkovo Monastery  /  Etropole Monastery  /  Kierkovo – camping in Southern Bulgaria


Summer, 2001


Sites of Silistra (3) – early Summer

Our Eco-Arts Project: The Camp  /  The Exhibition

Vacation through Central Europe:  Part 1  /  Part 2


Fall, 2001


A Wedding in Bulgaria  /  Josh’s Birthday Extravaganza  /  Sites of Silistra (4) – A Fall Day


Winter, 2001-02


A Week in Italy


Spring, 2002


COS Conference  /  Spring Break in Turkey


Text Box: These are pictures of some of our Peace Corps experience and our travels since we arrived in Bulgaria.  Some people say that every picture doesn’t always download.  If you happen to get only a portion of all the pictures on a page, click your refresh button until all the pictures have downloaded.  Also, your browser may say “done” even though the pictures are still downloading.  Be patient!!



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