Here is a list of articles, which we compiled during our service.  Bulgaria has quietly kept itself stable throughout the crises in the former Yugoslavia and Macedonia.  It is also undergoing massive economic and political changes that can’t happen quickly enough for most people.



6-14-01      BG in the NYT – Roma Issues


6-18-01      Election Results – AP article


9-9-01        Looking for Noah’s Ark in the Black Sea (seriously) – AP article


9-20-01      Bulgarian health workers in Libyan courts – AP article


10-5-01      NATO’s Eastern Applicants Back ‘War on Terrorism’ –Reuters


11-6-01      Bush Invokes Ghosts of Iron Curtain – AP


11-7-01      House Endorses Future NATO Expansion – Reuters


11-12-01    Runoff Vote Likely in Bulgaria – AP


11-14-01    EU Candidates Making Progress – AP

11-18-01   Ex-Communist Wins Bulgaria's Presidential Poll – Reuters

12-21-01   Bulgarian Teens Die in Collapse of Disco Roof – Reuters

1-11-02     Bulgarian Station Halts Nude News (what can we say?) – AP

2-7-02       Bush Names Ambassador to Bulgaria – AP

2-13-02     Government survives no-confidence vote

3-26-02     Romania and Bulgaria Edge Nearer to NATO Membership

                                                                                     The New York Times

4-1-02      U.S. Eyes Romania, Bulgaria for Help – AP 

4-3-02      Vatican Confirms Pope Travel in May – AP

4-6-02      Prime minister transforms ruling movement into party, says construction of nuclear power plant will resume – AP

4-30-02    Shocking – Forbes Magazine

5-10-02   World Bank loans dollars 750 million to Bulgaria – AP

5-14-02   Government drafts law to block financing terrorism 





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