So The Ol' Man Writes!!

Maybe you'll find something you like, maybe not. The Big Problem now is that by Federal Law -- because I write truthfully about the lifestyle that I know -- you will soon have to pass through an age verification gateway to get to that writing. It wasn't considered erotic enough or pornographic by my site host in the past -- BUT -- I can not take the risk -- nor afford the cost of any penalty if it ends up offending anyone or being viewed by an impressionable youngster. Altho, my feeling is if any youngster is here -- after my site intro and bio -- he already knows what's going on and is not going to be swayed to experiment just based on what is presented here.

If the time comes when proof of age is manditory I will attempt to enroll this site in every possible Age Verification Service program so no one has to join a specific one just to read what I have written.

  1. word pictures, gut feelings, lyrical and slashing poetry -
    Jazz Colorations . . . and
    On Day In March
  2. a hot, steamy sea shore story
  3. a down home story of discovery
  4. the not-so-great American gay novel
  5. JJ's other site - where there's nothing but words, words, words

I can be reached at jonjay dot geo @ yahoo dot com
OR jonjayw @ hotmail dot com

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