Danny's Memories --
Would You Believe This Story??

Fact, Fiction, Fantasy??
Does Anyone Care??

Well, mused Danny, there he goes. A quick smile of remembering curled his lips. As the memories flooded his head, the blood pounded, once more engorging him. He shifted on his feet, tugging the form fitting bicycle shorts down, letting himself pop free. Leaning against the window, he watched Josh's bronze back as he strode away. Josh tossed his head, and turned, waved and then smiled. Slowly Josh let his tongue creep out, wiggling it at his companion from the night. Then, Josh winked and gave Danny a double pump of his hips. Danny wasn't sure he could wait for Josh to return. But, he has said he'd be back, was just going to feed his dog, check his house.

Danny's hand rubbed across his chest -- down his stomach -- following along a path that Josh's lips had trod earlier that morning. Lightly he stroked his pulsing stiffness, remembering. Feeling Josh's hot breath, that eager wet mouth encasing him, he squeezed hard. Danny sighed. His cock throbbed.

Releasing his grip, Danny let his hand resume its soft caressing, tugging on his cock. He shivered, leaned into the window. Slowly his hot breath the glass. As he pumped his arm, his hips began to move in the same pulsing beat. His firm, round buttocks clinched with each down stroke of his hand and forward thrust of his hips. He was feeling Josh, seeing Josh, remembering Josh.

It had started on the beach late yesterday afternoon. Danny had been half asleep, soaking in the sun, letting the soft sea breeze tingle over his body. Then a cool shadow blocked the sun. Danny peeked up to see a form, wreathed in sunlight. Shading his eye's, Danny tried to decide if he knew the intruder. Josh shifted, letting the sun once more beam right into Danny's eyes As Danny propped himself up on his elbows, Josh squatted beside him. A quick, broad smile lit Josh's face. He stuck out his hand . . .

"Hi. I'm Josh. Sorry to disturb you, but I've been watching you. Finally got the guts to introduce myself. I think we have a few friends in common. Weren't you at Eric's last weekend?"

Danny rolled on his side and sat up, grasping the offered hand. It was cool, but the touch burned -- almost as hot as the fire in the eyes that locked with his. Danny felt the heat travel up his arm and throughout his body. It settled in his groin. He squirmed, involuntarily. His stiffening cock was trapped uncomfortably in his bathing suit. He nodded in agreement to Josh's question.

"You feel it, right? Let's go."

With that, Josh stood, keeping a tight grip on Danny's hand, lifting him from the sand. Their eyes were still locked. The mutual attraction was obvious to both of them. Danny shifted to face away from the sun, broke Josh's gaze and let his eyes slowly caress Josh. He found that Josh was equally aroused, equally sun bronzed and beautifully, unequally raven haired. Josh had a neat mustache, trim sideburns and black curly chest hairs that circled his dark brown nipples and plunged in a torrent down his taut form to disappear beneath a pair of bleached white cut off jeans.

They went to Danny's, neither of them sure how they got there from the beach, neither of them aware of the whistles and looks they garnered on the way. There were several bets made on the beach that day on whether they would or wouldn't make it to the nearby beach house before they lost their inhibitions and tore into each other in the obvious sexual frenzy that was building between them.

Danny and Josh just barely kept themselves under control. Once the back door off the sun deck swung shut, they tumbled onto the floor, squirming and hugging with a wild passion. Shredded jeans and a bright blue swimbrief flew across the floor. Hard bodies and even harder cocks mashed together as their mouths locked together. Their tongues worked fiercely, exploring every hot, moist inch. Danny felt Josh's hand burning on him. They raced down his sides and hugged him even closer, tighter. Josh's hips squirmed against his.

Slowly Danny twisted and turned in Josh's grip, letting his lips move over Josh's face -- then under his chin. Within moments he had descended down across Josh's chest following the line of black hairs. Josh groaned and thrust his hips up as Danny's mouth closed firmly on the throbbing head of his cock. Sucking hard, Danny clamped his lips tight and let his tongue roll over the sweetmeat he had captured. Josh groaned and quickly twisted on around to complete the connection of his eager mouth with Danny's trembling man meat.

They lay there, thrusting groins pumping hard cocks in and out, moaning in unison. Josh clutched Danny's soft white bottom, tugging with each bob of his head. His hands reached farther and farther, fingers digging in between Danny's buttocks. Danny began to tremble as Josh reached his goal. Josh softly ran a finger in a teasing circle around the edge of Danny's butt hole. Danny groaned and shoved back against the insistent pressure, without pulling his cock fully away from Josh's mouth. Josh wet his fingers and spreading Danny's cheeks, dug in. Together, pressing down and shoving back they lodged first one and then two of Josh's slim digits between Danny's ass lips. Danny let Josh's cock slip from his mouth as he cried out.

"Yes! Oh, do it, harder."

Josh knew an invitation when he heard one. Swiftly he moved, rolling Danny on his back and kneeling between trembling legs. Josh spread Danny, leaned in and nibbled a nipple. Danny's chest heaved. Josh worked his hand back between those open butt cheeks. Danny squirmed and reached down to tug Josh's cock.

"So big. So juicy. So hard," he muttered, beaming up at Josh.

"The better to fuck your ass, baby. That is what you want?"

"You have to ask? Let me have it, now. Now. Oh, God, YES!"

As Danny replied, Josh shoved in, penetrating quickly into the hot wet darkness of Danny's insides. He bucked, sliding deep, finding little resistance, but a firm grasping surrounding his stiff cock.

"Fantastic!! You hot slut!!" Josh grunted as he tugged Danny's legs onto his shoulders and shoved in farther, gliding all the way. He pounded into Danny and then slowly eased back, savoring the feel of Danny's hot clutching ass as it messaged his pulsing cock.

Within seconds they had a slow steady humping going. Danny groaned and grinned with each deep thrust of Josh's stiff timber. Josh was fighting to control himself, wanting to move faster, pound harder, but loving the sensual feel of Danny -- and the beaming face in front of him.

Danny squirmed, wiggling his hips, clinching his sphincter, sucking Josh in. It was too much for Josh. With a guttural cry he turned loose. Grabbing Danny's calves, he pistoned himself wildly. Josh was racing for release. His body slapped hard on Danny's buttocks. Danny trust them back to meet each of Josh's stabs. Sweat beaded on Josh's chest and dripped from his nose onto Danny. Both of their mouths hung open. Hot panting and animal sex sounds poured out, filling the room. Danny quivered and grabbed himself, beginning to masturbate fiercely.

"Gona cum! Oh, God. I'm Gona cum." Danny gasped.

"Hold on, baby. Hold on. I'm almost there. Wait for me. Wait."

Josh felt the mounting pressure. He leaned back, slipping from within Danny's pulsing sheath. Grasping himself, continuing the pumping with his hand, he now leaned forward. Together they watched each other as they whipped frantically in unison. With a cry of release, Josh began to spurt. Cum splattered out covering Danny from chin too belly button. With the second burst, Danny joined the gushing flow. His cum bubbled out. Low squirts rose to tumble back, coating his throbbing dick, slicking over his jacking hand. A solid glob of Josh's juice joined the flow that covered Danny's bobbing cock. A giant smile spread across Danny's face. Then a happy chuckle welled from between his lips.

"Damn, we're good."

Josh nodded in agreement. As the throws of passion ebbed, they lay side by side. Josh let his fingers lightly trace patterns in the wetness on Danny's chest and stomach. Danny leaned over and kissed his lightly.

"You staying around for a while?"

Josh eased up on an elbow and looked Danny up and down. His hand, slick with the slowly drying cum, reached down and squeezed gently on the semi-hardness that was already beginning to rise from between Danny's legs.

"I think we can make a night of it. You sure as hell aren't played out yet."

Every touch, every sensation from that steaming night poured back over Danny, as he stroked his cock and watched Josh move down the path.

Danny pumped harder, faster, remembering, thinking of what would be. Josh was coming back. Josh. Oh! Danny stiffened. His juices bubbled out, a fire that crunched within his gut and streaked out from his hot wanting ass, racing up his cock, bursting out to splatter against the wall and dribble onto the floor. His eyes clinched shut. His tongue tickled on his top lip. Oh! Josh! Hurry back.

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