Well, Here I Am

6/27 (DC, KS)Went searching for inspiration on what to do with this little homestead. I was looking for a theme, a nitch, a need that wasn't addressed (properly or at all). I got bleary eyes from reviewing sites all over the net that came up out of some wild search criteria.

Must admit that most of what's out there is commercial pap, self-gratifying show-off-ism (internet whiz kids with big egos and/or big baskets), a wide range of pay-me so I can screw you sites and a rare few that have personality and net-savy.

7/15 (DC, KS) Still haven't a clue. But have added a bio. Regardless of how this gos, suspect someone might want to know who the hell is behind whatever it end up being.

8/31 (DC,KS) Well I might as well admit it -- I can present best at this site what I know best; information on me and my interests and experiences. Maybe in the future I'll spot a need that isn't being addressed (at all or properly). But -- for now, I hope what's found here lets other invisible gray gay guys like me see that they are not alone and gets the rest of you to pause in your wild worship of youth and consider the facts -- we are here too, we are queer too and we already have been there and done that!!!

So, with no apologies, here I am -- my bio, my scribblings and what turns me on.

I can be reached at jonjay dot geo @ yahoo dot com
OR jonjayw @ hotmail dot com