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J. Hunnicutt Truck Lines
Pilot Car & Auto Transport Services
Based in Brook Indiana. We provide the fastest and most courteous escorts in the 5 state area, BAR NONE. ALL of our pilot car drivers are former truck drivers, ALL posess a current CDL & DOT physical, and ALL are familiar with current DOT regulations. Each of our drivers is top notch, with very clean backgrounds, MVRs, and EXPERIENCE with even the biggest loads in some of the most awkward and sensetive situations. We Have 4 units equipped with Hi-Poles, 2 company owned units  in North West  IN, and 2 Contractor units in East Central IL.

We carry $1 million commercial liability on both our pilot cars and our single vehicle transport units, and specialize in rapid customer support.

"We get things done now that most can't get to until tomorrow"

Our auto transporters are among the fastest door to door delivery options avaialble, typically delivering the vehicle same day as it's picked up, or the very next morning, depending on the distance of the trip and applicable DOT regulations.

Call 219-775-9516 for either the pilot car division, or the auto transporters, and we'll get your trip rolling within minutes.
Our typical Auto Transporter & Pilot Vehicles. Comfortable drivers and BIG fuel tanks need to stop less, getting the job done faster and more time efficently for our customers. All Pilot Vehices carry a MINIMUM of 35 gallons of fuel, all Auto Transporters carry a MINIMUM of 40 gallons of fuel, making both easily cover 450+ miles between stops.
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J. Hunnicutt Truck Lines Pilot Car & Auto Transport Service
Jerald "George" Hunnicutt
24 hour Dispatch- (219) 775-9516
       if no answer- (219) 275-6535
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