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Sites of my 1975 Camaro with big block 454, includes: specifications, modifications, weight, pictures and drag results.

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Welcome to my site, it features my 1975 Chevrolet Camaro LT. My father bought the car in
1980. Originally equipped with 350 engine and 4 speed manual transmission. Over the years,
engine was changed for a 305. Until 1998, the main purpose for
the car was towing a 20 foot caravan. But when I bought the car from my parents, I had
some immediate plans, a new 454 engine. That great day finally came on june 24 th 2000, 
when I fired up the car with a rebuilt 454 engine. Come see all the modifications and the work I did with
the engine, the car and all interesting modifications.

 What's new this month:  

Look for new developpement coming soon, I will rebuild my 454, i have most of the parts and some projects under way like a new rear spoiler. After nearly 3 years with no modifications, my car will see many change this summer.

  Last update: April 9th 2009 




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