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Heaven PC game

Heaven PC game
From Genesis Works

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An adventure game like no other. Explore and walk down the streets of Gold. Access the Pearly gate as it opens to let you see the trees of life. Look for the names of the Apostles on the outer wall of the new Jerusalem. You'll see and explore Heaven just as it's written about in the Book of Revelation. Explore and play 6 levels of Heaven. Level 1: Paradise Island: Your journey begins on Paradise Island - a floating tropical paradise island with beaches and waterfalls. Here you will meet Axis - your guide through Heaven - discover her true identity. Level 2: The Golden Streets : Explore the Golden streets and walk amongst the tower walls of Heaven. Solve the Angel Ring mystery and raise the Crystal Bridges. Level 3: The Spinning Lenses: Make it trip back to Paradise Island to get a closer look at the Outer wall of the Heavenly city to see the foundations of Precious stones. Look for the Apostles names carved into the 12 foundation layers. Level 4: The Crystal Forest: Solve the Colored ball Obstacle then raise the Crystal Island and play the Musical Trumpets. Finally take a magical flight aboard your white stallion named Star as he takes you on a flight about the pearly gate - just remember to get off at the right spot. Level 5&6: The days of Creation and the Pearly gate: See how God created everything in 6 days, then open a watery passage way to the Pearly Gate. Once at the Pearly gate, you will have to make the most important decision of your life. Breathtaking cinematics and never before scenes and recreations of the Book of Revelations view of Heaven. Hollywood veterans concept artist Stephan Martiniere and Dylan Cole (Star Wars Revenge of the Sith, I-Robot, Knowing, The Lord of the Rings, and Narnia) concept artists bring Heaven to life as no one can. You'll see the Lion, Bull, Man and Eagle creatures as described in the Book of Revelation.

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  • Amazon Sales Rank: #13934 in Video Games
  • Brand: Genesis Works
  • Format: DVD-ROM
  • Dimensions: 7.00" h x .50" w x 5.00" l, .31 pounds


  • PC DVD game, 4.25 Gigs of gameplay, Win XP, Vista, Win 7, awesome Cinematics
  • Walk the Streets of Gold, See the Pearly gate, Explore Paradise Island, and much more
  • 3d Adventure game based on the Book of Revelations view of Heaven
  • See: the Creatures of Revelation, The Throne of God,The Kings of Revelation, and Jesus
  • Archangel Michael, the Seven Golden Candlesticks, The USS Genesis Spaceshuttle

Customer Reviews

Heaven PC game review3
While the game has awesome graphics, the game play is dull and tedious. There are no interactions except a mentor to provide guide to solve annoying and difficult puzzles. I got to level 4 then gave up. I wished I could just watch the rest as a movie unfolding. But you have to go through levels to advance. I got stuck on musical trumpets level. The graphics are so incredible and heaven looks so surreal and beautiful but the producer did not put enough into making it fun and easy to understand. The Christian perspective is good but I have found Rebel Planet's Axys Truth seeker pc game to be much more interesting and fun.

Myst in Heaven4
This game reminds me tremendously of the ground-breaking adventure game Myst. Without a doubt, the graphics are absolutely well crafted and carefully laid out. In the backgrounds are incorporated subtle animations that provide that extra realism.

GAME PLAY (Instructions)

This is simple enough, only your mouse is needed. The cursor animates to indicate a hot spot, where you can either move to, or perform some kind of action. To leave the Game you only need to press the Escape key and it will autosave and exit.


Moving around is simple enough, just click on the hot spot that you want to move to. In each location you can move the mouse to look around. The only downfall here is that the transitions between loctions are not fully animated. So there is a sudden kind of jump between each position. There is a compass provided that you can use if you find that you are losing your orientation.


The puzzles are fairly logical in nature, there is a lot of backing and forthing to get them solved. Make full use of the 'speed gates'. Also have some paper handy to make notes of different things that are important.


- Paradise Island
- The Golden Strait
- Crystal Forest
- Creation Walkway
- Days of Creation
- Pearly Gates
- Throne of Jesus

Once you have completed a level, you are treated to a beautiful transition animation, this is the norm for adventure games.


There is always the hostess available, her inputs are always helpful once you are on the right track.


This is not a gun-and-run type of game. It is an adventure game with very beautiful graphics. The designers have quite an imagination, I will hand that to them. It is a very beautiful game, and offers a wonderful experience.

This game was very boring. It could have been great. The graphics were very good but contents were not. Very dissapointing!