Two of a Kind-A Brand new KFTLC series :)

Written by Rainflowermoon

Attention fellow fu fic addicts:
What you are about to read is A STORY.  The idea is mine, the characters belong to their rightful owners.  Peter Caine is a cop with thoughts and feelings.  Please, no hate mail that I'm "maiming" Peter.  If you don't like my point of view, that's ok...If you want to miss out on the laughter, the fun, and the tears, fine by me.  You'll be missing some great stuff, maybe learn along the way.  I write this for myself, and for everyone to share in the lives of the people presented here.  Our loved ones are the most precious thing Spirit has given to us.  Hug them every chance you get.  This story is severely AU in parts, so die-hard canon writers beware.  This is my chance to tell a story in my own way.  Thank you for listening to me rant, now go and enjoy :)

Synopsis: Yet another robbery takes place at the Chinese mall.  Tommy Ness has struck again.  Peter is off duty shopping when he witnesses the robbery.  While trying to rescue Jessica Rhodes, who is wheelchair bound herself, Peter is shot in the spine.  He must now learn to deal with life in a whole new way as a parapelegic, so he turns to the woman he saved and his father for help.  Jess and Pete become two of a kind as they deal with the shooting, and each other. With the help of the 101 and others of the community, Jess and Peter track down his assailant(s). When they find them, will Peter forgive them, or will mercenary rules apply?  This is post Requiem. :) Chapter one is being written as we speak.  I have other projects in the works, so TOAK will be an ongoing thing, since it is a work of novel like proportions :)  Meanwhile please take a look at my other works that are completed.  Thank you for your patience :)

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Two of a Kind-Introduction

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