The Chris Potter Chronicles is an UNOFFICIAL U.S. based tribute zine created out of love for Chris and his fans, and created to help his fan club promote his work, and Chris as a person.  Most of us know him from the popular TV series Silk Stalkings, or Kung Fu: The Legend Continues.  Out of necessity, he has had to move on to other projects.  Chris, if by chance you read this, WE LOVE YOU NO MATTER WHAT :)  Expressing interest in this zine is no guarantee you'll meet him, but it IS a guarantee your love for him will be expressed.

If you are interested in this project, and want to contribute, subscribe to our list, and bookmark this page for updates too :)  Existing CPOFC members encouraged to participate if they wish.

1.  All correspondence must be in English if possible.
2.  Drawings or photos must be in clear focus.  If you are scanning them to be sent for our net version of the zine(to be announced if we generate enough interest), GIF/JPEG format is preferred.  Name and address must be on all submissions, regardless of format.
3.  Poetry is accepted as are stories, and other articles.  So far, we have 2 sections named.  They are:

Close Encounters of the Chris Kind-Tell us about when you met Chris

Dream a Little Dream-Wish you met Chris?  Send us your dreams!(rated G only please!)
4.  Include an SASE W/ALL correspondence(or self addressed envelope and 2 IRC coupons if outside U.S,. and territories)

5.  You can email me too if you'd like.

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