The Chris Potter Webring :)
The Chris Potter Webring was created to allow all CP fans a one stop surf point.  Sites that deliberately defame CP, his fans, or his family WILL NOT be allowed in the ring.  Sites must be of a reasonable quality and all links must be in working order.  Check the spelling of your URL!
Sites can reflect any of Chris's roles(musician, actor, etc.) Silk and KFTLC pages welcome, especially if they contain photos and information on Chris regarding his current projects, but homage to Chris in general is encouraged :)
If you have problems, email me asap.  All you need to do is cut and paste the code provided.  
Pages that feature Chris in a positive way is my goal.  If you are sure that your site fits the bill, just click on the join link on the ring nav bar at the bottom :)
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The Chris Potter Chronicles is a United States based tribute zine I launched because I think Chris deserves the best.  For more information and to help out with this fan based project, visit our guideline page.
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