birthday:april 30, 1980
    residence:umm, somewhere in alberta, canada
    fave tv show:i never miss dawson's creek. 2 guys, a girl and a pizza place too.
    oh yeah, and that '70s show.
    fave actor:hmm. i'll hafta say topher?
    fave actress:reese witherspoon, no doubt.
    fave movie:hard question. uhh, i love mallrats, empire records, oh yeah, and can't hardly wait
    comments:i think topher is cool
    contact:you can contact me at, uhm, here: []

    birthday:april 2, 1981
    residence:san diego
    fave tv show:that 70s show, obviously! and dawson's creek
    fave actor:TOPHER!!! ben affleck, vince vaughn, jc on the MMC!
    fave actress:jeanenne garofalo, gwenyth paltrow, ...
    fave movie:romeo and juliet, dumb and dumber
    comments:elise is the best webmaster ever!!!! (gosh, thanks!)
    contact:write me at: []

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