Round Table (News Stories), Bookshelf (Journalism Resources), Corner Desk

Feeling lost, you wander down the hallway of the Informer building while studying your flyer for directions. Your flyer states that the Informer is the local newspaper of Morada, which is a mysterious Carribbean island in a game called Modus Operandi. Suddenly, you nearly collide with an young woman who happens to be frowning at her watch. Fortunately, her expression changes as she sees you. "Oh! Are you here for open house?" she asks while glancing down at your flyer. You quickly nod, and her face brightens up with a warm smile. "Hi, I'm Jenne." She shakes your hand saying, "Nice to meetcha." Gesturing toward an open door, she replies, "I'm so sorry that I can't stay. I'm late for a meeting, but feel free to go in and look around." She waves goodbye as she hurries away.

[Jenne's Office, Informer]
You enter Jenne's office with great curiousity. The heather green carpeting matches the sponge-painted walls in this office. The smell of fresh paint still lingers in the air, and the walls are void of any hanging decorations. Sunlight streams in through the window casting a bright light on a round table that is surrounded by three ergonomic chairs. Although the office is cozy, it is well organized to maximize room usage. You see a short oak bookshelf and a matching corner desk.

[Jenne's Office, Round Table]
You make your way to the round table and sit down in one of the ergonomic chairs. It is obvious that this table is often used for small meetings. On the table, you see a pile of neatly stacked newspapers.

News Stories

[Jenne's Office, Bookshelf]
On the short oak bookshelf are some journalism resources.

Journalism Resources

[Jenne's Office, corner desk]
On the desk you notice a guestbook and a computer; on the monitor you see the Modus Operandi website.

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