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This page has pictures of me and my friends. Some are fairly recent, some aren't. These are the people that mean a lot to me in my life and have helped me get through many obstacles. This page is dedicated to them all. I love you guys!!


Johnny Rocket

Age: 21

Style: Fashionable

Status: Blossom

Quote: "Whatever."




La Mariposa

Age: 20

Style: Comfy

Status: Buttercup

Quote: "Weenie!!"





Age: 20

Style: Sweet

Status: Bubbles

Quote: "Mmm k"





Age: 20

Style: Straight up

Status: Case of the Ex

Quote: "You can kiss my ass!"

This one here -->





Age: 18

Style: Trendy

Status: Mojo Jojo

Quote: "Wanna hear about the monkeys?"




Insert Monkey Here.


Follow this link to see a collage of pictures that have been taken at the end of year 2000!

Collaboration of Friends


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