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  1. Sociology and the Fate of Society
    - Michael Burawoy
  2. Political Participation of Muslim Women in India (PDF File)
    -Vasundhara Mohan
  3. Ethnicisation or Re-ethnicisation? Case of the Kurmi-Mahatos in Chotanagpur
    -Jyotiprasad Chatterjee
  4. Growth and future perspectives of Urban Agglomerations and cities in Andhra Pradesh: Census Data Analysis (PDF File)
    -C.P.Prakasam and P.Ramani
  5. Democratizing Scientific Knowledge Through Building Scientific Institutions in Nineteenth Century India: The Sociology of Science Perspective (PDF File)
    Sambit Mallick
  6. Homosexuality in India – The Invisible Conflict (PDF File)
    -Anuradha Parasar
  7. Dalit Sociology: Making a Case for It
    -Samir Kumar Mohapatra
  8. Metrosexuality: The Changing Indian Masculine
    Madhumita Sen
  9. Philosophical Foundation of Tribal-Forest Interface
    - Pradeep Baisakh
  10. Right to Health
    - Aruna Kumar Malik
  11. Harnessing Human Capital (PDF Link)
    Sadananda Sahoo
  12. No more brain drain, it’s a Brain Chain (PDF Link)
    Sadananda Sahoo
  13. Violence and Women
    -Ruby Dhar
  14. Disaster and Doctor-Patient Interaction: Some Methodological Issues
    -Ruby Dhar
  15. Civil Society and Women in Panchayat
    -Debjani Sengupta
  16. Social Workers, Race Discrimination and International Human Rights Conventions: A Canadian Perspective (PDF File)
    Kwong-Leung Tang & Dave Sangha
  17. Banking with the Poor - A Case of a Self-Help Group in Orissa
    -Chittaranjan Das Adhikary
  18. Socio-economic Development of Sugalis: An Anthropological Study from Andhra Pradesh
    -Eswarappa Kasi
  19. Indian Diaspora and Nation Building: Philanthropic Engagement with the Country of Origin
    -Sadananda Sahoo
  20. Sericulture and Community Development in the context of Globalisation: Empirical Evidence of a Village
    -Eswarappa Kasi
  21. Colonial Knowledge and Literary Representations: Construction of Gender Identity in Colonial Andhra
    -Madan Mohan Rao V
  22. The Indian Diaspora in the Island Countries: A Rich Resource and an Emerging Area of Research
    -Panchanan Dalai
  23. Caste and Telugu Journalism in Colonial Andhra during Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
    -Madan Mohan Rao V
  24. Separation of Child from Mother: Exclusion of Poor from Environment
    -Y. Srinivasa Rao
  25. Victimization of the European and Native Women by Colonization: Uneasiness of women in selected texts
    -Murat Sayym
  26. Transnational Networks of Indian Diaspora in Australia (PDF File)
    -Ajaya Kumar Sahoo
  27. Globalization, Diaspora & the Cultural landscape: The case of Bharatanatyam in the Diaspora -Radhika. P & Sadananda Sahoo
  28. Population Ageing: An Overview
    -Sasmita Mohapatra
  29. Coping with Globalization
    -Aditya Keshari Mishra
  30. Privatization of Higher Education: Challenges And Quality Perspectives
    -Aditya Keshari Mishra
  31. Interests and Meanings: The Socio-Technical Process of Application of Biotechnology to Crop Improvement in India
    E. Haribabu
  32. Participatory Intervention of NGOs in Development: Case Study of Two Grassroots NGOs
    - Biswambhar Panda
  33. Child Labour: Issues and Concerns
    -V. Lakshminarayanan
  34. Jajamani System in India
    - D.S.V.Siddhardha Kumar
  35. A study of loneliness in an old age home in India: A case of Kanpur
    -Anindya Jayanta Mishra
  36. The Process of Ageing in India: A Sociological Inquiry
    -Aditya Keshari Mishra
  37. 'Feel Good Factor' and the Condition of Women In India
    - Saswatee Rath
  38. Market Economy and Manufacturing of Beauty: Women’s Empowerment or Enslavement?
    – Bikram Keshari Mishra
  39. Disaster: Need for a Sociological Intervention
    - Sushanta Kumar Jena
  40. Development of Scientific Specialties Within a Departmental Matrix: A Case Study of Solid-State and Structural Chemistry Unit (SSCU), I.I.Sc, Bangalore
    - Debasmita Patra
  41. The Historicity of the Jharkhand Movement: A quest for Identity
    -Jyotiprasad Chatterjee
  42. Indian Diaspora at the Cross Roads: The Fiji and Malaysian Case
    Sadananda Sahoo
  43. Science Through the Ages
    - Sambit Mallick
  44. A Sociological Interrelationship of Education and Mobility
    -Indu Shekhar
  45. Innovation in Agricultural Research and Extension: a Multi-agential approach Through NATP
    -Aditya Keshari Mishra
  46. A Sociological Symbiosis of Education and Social Stratification
    - Indu Shekhar
  47. Periphery in the service of the centre: IT Education and Training in India
    - E. Haribabu & G. Nagaraju
  48. University’s purpose: second thoughts
    - Sasheej Hegde
  49. Development Conflicts: A Study of Democratic Decentralization and Natural Resources Management in Mahabubnagar District of Andhra Pradesh
    - Srinivas Sajja
  50. Passage...Back to India?
    - T.L.S. Bhaskar (Link to The Hindu)
  51. Pravasi Bharatiya Divas Aftermath: Issues and Concerns over Indian Diaspora
    - Sadananda Sahoo
  52. Participatory Management of Irrigation
    - Sajja Srinivas
  53. Privatization of Education: A Boon or a Bane?
    - Sambit Mallick
  54. Facing Visual Challenges in Humanities and Social Sciences in the Third World
    - K. Hemachandran
  55. Can India catch up with China? From a Diaspora Perspective
    - Sadananda Sahoo
  56. A Note on Mauritian Telugus
    - T. L. S. Bhaskar
  57. Jatra Tradition of Orissa: A Changing Profile
    Sharmila Chhotaray
  58. Indian Diaspora: A Brief Overview
    -C.S. Bhat, K. Laxmi Narayan and Sadananda Sahoo
  59. Diaspora to Transnational Networks: A Case Study of Telugu Diaspora (PDF File)
    - Ajaya Kumar Sahoo
    and Chandrashekhar Bhat
  60. Telugu Language Teaching in Mauritius
    - T. L. S. Bhaskar



  1. Development, Freedom and Welfare  
    -Sadananda Sahoo

  2. Diversities in the Indian Diaspora: Nature, Implications and Responses  
    -Sadananda Sahoo

  3.  Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policies
    -Annie Namala & Samir Kumar Mohapatra

  4.  Religious Communities and Development
    -Sadananda Sahoo

  5. Practicing Sociology
    -Deepanjana Sarkar

  6.  Sociology of Education in India: Looking Back and Looking Ahead
    -Sadananda Sahoo

  7.  Science, Technology and Society Studies (STSS)
    - Sambit Mallick

  8.  International Seminar on India and Indian Diaspora
    - Sadananda Sahoo

  9. Economic Reforms and Social Processes in India
    - Aditya Keshari Mishra

  10. Indian Diaspora and Museum
    -Sadananda Sahoo

  11. Dimensions of Ageing in India
    - Aditya Keshari Mishra

  12. Workers and the Right to Strike
    - Sadananda Sahoo

  13. Seeking Diaspora inputs for a Healthy India
    -Sadananda Sahoo (Link to NRIOL & FICCI)



  1. Montek on Skills for Inclusive development 
    -Sadananda Sahoo

  2. The Nation-State in the Global Age by Prof. Anthony Giddens 
    -Sadananda Sahoo

  3. Lage Raho Amartya Bhai
    -Sadananda Sahoo

  4. Inaugural Lecturer of SAWB by Prof. Andre Beteille  

             -Deba Prasad Chatterjee

 Review Essays

Book Reviews

  1. In Defense of Globalization- Jagdish Bhagwati
    -Indu Shekhar
  2. Toward A Global Science: Mining Civilizational Knowledge- Susantha Goonatilake
    -Y. Srinivasa Rao
  3. Family Care in HIV/ AIDS: Exploring Lived Experience- Premila D'Cruz
    -Sadananda Sahoo
  4. Social Stratification in India: Issues and themes- K.L. Sharma
    - Anindya Jayanta Mishra


  1. GO-NGO partnership in Social Audit: a worthwhile exercise
    - Pradeep Baisakh  
  2. Democracy, Civil Society and Governance: A journey towards grassroots
    - Manas Ranjan Kar  
  3. Sexual Untouchability: (Break) the Barriers of Endogamy
    -Y. Srinivasa Rao
  4. Abnormal is Normal: 100 Days of UPA (Against the Culture and Philosophy of Round Figure)
    -Indu Shekhar
  5. Sociology of Sarang: The Culture of IITians
    -Y. Srinivasa Rao
  6. Non-Indian or Foreign Experts in Indian Planning: A Discourse
    -Indu Shekhar


    1. The Relationship Between Language and Gender in David Mamet’s Plays
         -Gizem Kurtsoy

Stories from the Villages

  1. Women Sarpanch implements record number of projects under NREGS
    - Pradeep Baisakh




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