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Ahoy mates ! Welcome to the  Hornblower actors page . This page is decicated to the wonderfully talented actors of A&E's Horatio Hornblower.
I'm ashamed to say that I have let the pages fall into disrepair. I am currently working on my Freek Page and helping someone take over the Youth site, once that's done I will have some time to work on these pages. If you'd like to help in anyway,
please let me know :)

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* These pages haven't been updated in a while, but I'm taking a year off before I go to college so I'll get it up-to-date soon (hopefully)

Jonathan Aris
Jean Badin
Jolyon Baker
Jamie Bamber
Chris Barnes
Robert Bathurst
Duncan Bell
Jean-Yves Berteloot
David Birkins
Frank Boyce
Paul Brightwell
Vincent S Buluda
Michael Byrne
Katie Caballero
Jim Carter
John Castle
Richard Clews
Paul Copley
Ron Cook
Peter Corey
Terence Corrigan
Christian Coulson
Jonathan Coy
Lorcan Cranitch
Timothy Deenihan
Simon Delany
Jonathan Forbes
Barbara Flynn
Christopher Fulford
Gilly Gilchrist
Sean Gilder
Philip Glenister
Vincent Grass
Frank R Green
Ioan Gruffudd
Tony Haygarth
Dorian Healy
Rupert Holliday-Evans
Nicholas Jones
Denis Lawson
Robert Lindsay
Richard Lumsden
Cherie Lunghi
Colin MacLauchlan
Simon Marky
Antonio Gil Martinez
Roger May
Ian McElhinney
Paul McGann
Jim McManus
Ian McNiece
Oliver Montgomery
Ronald Pickup
Camilla Power
Hugh Quarshie
David Rintoul
Julia Sawalha
John Sheahan
Sir Antony Sher
Simon Sherlock
John Shrapnel
Estelle Skornik
Simon Slater
Richard Syms
Andrew Tiernan
Peter Vaughan
Seb Ward
David Warner
Samuel 'Sam' West
Greg Wise
John Woodvine

Unknown Actors
Betsy Bonaparte
Jerome Bonaparte
Master Bowles
Lt Buckland
Lt Bush
French Captain
Lt Chadd
Lt Chalk
General Charette
M'man Clayton
Clerky Officer
M'man Cleveland
Dr Clive
Captain Collins
Major Andre Cotard
Sir Hew Dalrymple
HM Consul Duras
James Doughty
Lt Eccleston
Major Lord Edrington
Pierre Faure (Mayor)
Captain Forget
Captain Foster
Captain Charlie Hammond
M'Man Jack Hammond
M'man Hether
Dr Hepplewhite
Boatswains Mate Hobbs
Admiral Lord Hood
Horatio Hornblower
Maria Mason/Hornblower
M'man Hunter
Capt. Joubert
Captain Keene
Archie Kennedy
Rebel Leader Francois Le Fanu
Mrs Mason
Don Alfredo de Massaredo
Marquis de Moncountant
Com. Morris
M'man Charles Orrock
Col. Ortega
Mrs Ortega
Sir Edward Pellew
Master Prowse
Rebel Irishman
Captain James Sawyer
M'man Jack/John Simpson
Spanish Captain
Spanish Lt
Mr Tappling
Etienne de Vergasse
The Duchess of Warfdale
M'man Henery Wellard
Sargeant Whiting
Coxswain Thomas Wolfe

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* I'm afraid that the actors pages are in need of updating (credits & addresses), and I'm working on it, but to make sure you use the right address, please go to the Addresses page!

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