Great Brington Post Office and The Althorp Coaching Inn

 The entrance to the Great Brington Post Office is on the left beneath the red sign. It is owned by Martin and Christine Whiley, who treat their customers so kindly that you feel as though you are their guests. The shop sells a wide variety of collectibles related to Princess Diana and Althorp, including a number of items I have never seen elsewhere. They no longer have an online site, but I have copies of the brochure for the site which I would be happy to send you if you provide your name and address. I'm standing by the bench nearest the entrance to their print and postcard gallery.

A peek inside the door of the shop, which sells china, figurines, books, local postcards (including a postcard of the flower bedecked gates of Althorp at dawn on September 6, 1997 that is exclusive to their shop), memorial stamps, and commemorative covers canceled by the Great Brington Post Office. They also sell a wide array of sweets, including a delicious clotted cream fudge. Diana used to come to the shop to buy candy during her visits to Althorp as a teenager .

The gallery has more postcards and prints of local scenes, as well as prints of Kensington Palace, Althorp, and a drawing of Diana, which can be purchased framed or unframed. The gallery is a hall and its back door leads to... attractive patio...

...with comfortable furniture where we had a nice chat with the Whileys and met their dog Tess.
Coffee and Orange Squash are available to thirsty visitors when it isn't raining. This is my boyfriend Gerry, who came with me to London.

The Althorp Coaching Inn is just two doors down the street from the Great Brington Post Office. We had a leisurely and delicious hot lunch...

...of deep-fried codfish cakes with parsley sauce and vegetables. But as you see, we could have also chosen from such items as lasagna, smoked salmon and cream cheese salad, chicken Caesar salad and several different kinds of sandwiches served with chips and salad.

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