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I am working on family trees for both my husband and myself, so try not to get confused with the surnames. Mine are on the right under KING, and his are on the left under HARGIS.
Remember, this is a work in progress. I do not claim that everything here is 100% accurate, but if you find anything that is false, please email me and I will make the change.


















*I wanted to include just a brief note about some of the names you may find in the families here.
(1)William Slaughter fought in the Revolutionary War. According to his Rev. War Pension Pension Application, he served both in Yorktown and Williamsburg under the command of Gen. Thomas Nelson during various tours from 1777-1781.
(2)Stokes Oakley fought in the Civil War. I have included some of the information that I obtained on his particular battles and prison camp.
(3)William the Conquerer is in the family tree back from Slaughter, and on through the Mulkey, Howard, Breed, Palmer line.

~Photos & Stuff~

Family Pictures

Sayings from the 1500s

The Frontier Missionaries
A biography of the Mulkeys, Breeds, Averys, & Howard families
*This info provided by Charles Massey

The Randolph's in America
*This info provided by Charles Massey

John Franklin Jackson's Diary
Trip taken by wagon train from AR to TX @1866
James & Mary Slaughter Jackson's son

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Here is where I take the time to thank the following people for their contribution to these pages. Without them, this would not be possible. For giving me the love of history and pride of my family, I dedicate this work in memory of my dad, Floyd King. For the base to work from, and the many hours of research I thank my cousin, Lloyd King. My sister Betty Manley has always been there to share my excitement and offer a lending hand. Along the way I have found many new family members that have offered so much help making it an unbelievable journey.. Phyllis Winthurst, Marvin Minton, Terry Rushing, Pat Hargis Perry, Bob Moyer, Frank Arthur, Henry & Sarah Hargis, Diana Hale, Sue Feild, Alene Stone, Peggy Puckett, Thomas Dissent, and Stephen Slaughter. Most of all thank you to my husband Ron and my daughter Lindsay for their love and patience during my many hours of research here.


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