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    Well, let's see! So you want to know a little about me!! I'm not sure where I should start. I guess I could start with when I was born(hehehe).  Ok sit back get comfortable, and get ready to read!!! OH, and welcome to my life!!!

     I was born on July 29, 1976 in the wonderful town of Arlington, Texas.  When I was three months old, my mother and father moved from Arlinton to a little town in central texas called Centerville. That is where I spent the first 11 years of my life. The most I remember from those days are coming home from school, going to my friends house, and riding my horses. After mom and dad got home, I would do my homework, eat and go to bed. I pretty much led a boring life. I was an only child, so I learned at an early age how to entertain myself.

     At the age of 11, my father decided he was tired of responsibility and tired of my mother, at that point, they got a divorce and my mother and I moved to an even smaller town in north Texas called Tolar. I was in Tolar from then till I was 18. At that time, I moved 10 miles down the road to a little bit bigger town called Granbury, it was there that I came out at the tender age of 18.  I now reside in the DFW area at the age of 26, and have many plans for the rest of my life.  One of which includes finding a decent guy to spend the rest of my life with.

     I have always lived in small towns and because of that, have the small town attitude. My friends like to tell me that I have a "countrygirl" attitude, which I find funny. Most of you might associate that with me being a fem bot, but let me tell you that if you have never known a true countrygirl, it is really not that fem. If you have ever met a true country girl, you will know that a country girl is not afraid to get out and do what needs to be done.  I am a total sweetheart to people that are nice to me, but when someone wrongs me, I can be the biggest most revengeful bitch you have ever met in your entire life. Those of you who know me well, know this already though. I grew up with my family and friends being the most important things in my life, as long as I have them I will always be ok!! I was taught respect for myself and others at a very young age, I guess you could say that my mother raised me the way that she was raised. That kinda gives me old fashioned views and outlooks on things, but being raised primarily in the country, you learn how to fend for yourself when times get tough.

     As far as my likes and dislikes,
.......things I like to do range from dinner, movies and dancing, to horseback riding, picnics, and walks. I love to go skiing, whether it is snow skiing or water skiing, I could care less. I am a very active person, the more I am doing, the happier I am. I love everything about nature and the outdoors, as long as it doesn't have to do with hurting it, and yes sorry guys, but that includes hunting. Now if it is a matter of survival, I can do it, but for game, no it is totally uncalled for. Most of the time, during the summer, you can catch me either at work or out on the lake playing!!! There really isn't much that I don't like, if your wondering, just feel free to e-mail me and ask!!!

     To wrap this up since I see I am running out of room, I will tell you that I am a very eclectic when it comes to life. I will try anything once, twice if I like it, and three times if I think it is fun!!! I look at life with a positive attitude, you only live once, so make it good, and as fun as possible!! Like I said if you have any questions, feel free to catch me in chat or you can e-mail me at
hard2get76@yahoo.com. And Please sign my Guestbook!!!
I would like to know how I did on my first shot at an actual web page!!!! Feel free to bookmark this site as I will have updates from time to time, and you know you would hate to miss a moment in my life!!!  LOL!!  Thanks for stopping by and Have a Wonderful Day!!!!  :o)~
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