I thought this might be a useful aid for those who are not familiar with the events of Sparta. The dates are not fixed and should not be treated as such. The dates will work from the earlier periods to the later periods and I will attempt to include the major events of the other poleis. It is still under construction!!


c.1500BCE--Vapheio tombs
c.1200--Fall of Mycenaean kingdom of Lakedaimon. Beginning of Dorian invasion (?)
1115(?)--Dorian colonization of Melos and Gortyn from Lakonia
800(?)--Four obes politically united
c.750--Capture of Amyklai
c.736-716--First Messenian War
c.720--Argives capture Asine
706--Founding of Tarentum
676--Reform of Karneia. Great Rhetra.
669--Spartan defeat at Hysiai
668--First Gymnopaidai
659--Spartan capture of Phigaleia
657(?)--Spartan capture of Hira in Tyrtaios' war
c.600--Conquest of Pylos and Mothone
560-550--Spartan war with Tegea; alliance between Anaaxandrdides and Ariston
556--Khilon first ephor
546--Battle of Champions(w/ Argos)
519--Kleomenes at Plataiai
c.505--Development of Peloponnesian League
c.494--Battle of Sepeia
490--Death of Kleomenes
480--Battle of Thermopylae
461-446--First Peloponnesian War
431-404--Second Peloponnesian War
404-371--Spartan Hegemony
401-400--Expedition of the '10,000' to Asia
371--Battle of Leuktra
244-241--Agis IV King of Sparta
235-222--Kleomenes III king at Sparta

3000BCE--Beginnings of Minoan culture in Crete
1150--Destruction of Mycenae
1050-950--Ionian migration; colonization of Asia Minor
1050--Iron Age in Greece
850-730--Athens as leading cultural center in Greece
Foundation of emporion in Al Mina
776--First Olympic Games
750-700--Invention and diffusion of Greek Alphabet
734-680--Lelantine War
700--Homer and Hesiod
700-650--Advent of hoplite tactics
c.620--The reforms of Drakon
c.600--Development of trireme
595--earliest Greek coinage at Aegina
c.594/3--Solon archon at Athens
561--Peisistratos' first tyranny at Athens
510--Expulsion of Hippias(Peisistratids) from Athens
499--Ionian revolt from Persia
490--Battle of Marathon
480--Battles of Artemisium, Thermopylae, Salamis and Himera
479--Battles of Plataia and Mykale
449--Peace of Kallias
461-446--First Peloponnesian War
431-404--Second Peloponnesian War
421--Peace of Nikias
395-386--Corinthian War
386--King's Peace
371--Theban ascendancy with the Battle of Leuktra
338--Battle of Chaeronea
336--Alexander the Great
223--Antigonus III invades the Peloponnese
196--Rome declares Gk. independence
194--Rome evacuates Greece

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