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*Fanfictions by Lislis*
*Origional Fictions by Lislis*
*Origional Poetry by Lislis*
*Fanfictions by N.C.*
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Fanfictions by Lislis:

"My Finest Hour" -*A Harry Potter fic!) Warning: DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVE NOT READ/FINISHED THE 5TH BOOK!!!! This fic is spoiler city and you'll be completely lost. It's the end of the 5th book from Sirius Black's point of view....(Rated PG)

"Pokemon: Born Wild!" - A whole series based on the actual RP I was involved in. Not all the character's are mine!! Individual characters belong to their rightful creators and are used with permission. ^_^ The Pokemon World is bigger than we all thought- have you ever wondered what was going on OTHER than just Ash on his journeys? Meet the Rockets, the Trainers, the Pokemon and MUCH more and see for yourself as each individial embarks on their own wild journey. ^_^ If you thought it couldn't get crazier, be ready to stand corrected! (Rated PG!)

Origional Fictions by Lislis

"The Amazing Adventures of Psychogirl and The Traveller" -'Psychogirl, and her best friend, The Traveler, are both 'super heros' by blood. Their real names are a mystery to us all, but their nick names fit them nicely. Join PsychoGirl when she learns the true meaning of heroics as she and The Traveler fight evil, dodge penguins, do homework, battle evil polyester dinosaurs, save the world and make fun of pop-culture! :D (Rated PG for "Psycho" And "Girl" *gets smacked for the pun* x.x;; I mean- Rated PG for RANDOM content. ^_^;; )

"The Brave And The Smartalic" -This is very first origional thing I EVER started writing (I was 10).... I remembered it and polished it up a bit. ^_^ Here we go: Young Trevor the Tiger's parrents are gone- He has no where else to turn to... Untill one day he is welcomed to join a band of fellow orphans his age... Orphans on the run from a preditor even most tigers would flee: Human Poachers! With the help of Trevor's new-found friend, Kammy, the white tigress cub, can he be prepared for the battle of a lifetime? Will Trevor rise up to protect his friends? Join him, Kammy, and their smartalic mouse, "Smartypants", in a comical story literally written through the eyes of a child- A story of heroics, bronse vs. brains, hope and survival as a group of refugees learn to work together and to stand up against their fur-trading agressors. (Rated G!)

"Chronicles of Kaleo" -Guya was just a nobody; a lonly face in the crowd with no destiny, no friends, no future, and no self-esteem. Oryan was born and soon after, exiled like a convict and forced to be on the run all his life- untill finally he and his family are welcomed to a place they can finally call 'home'. When they meet, will both cubs, hated for crimes they didn't commit, learn that there's more to them than just their social lable? Or that "fitting in" isn't everything? (Rated PG with some PG-13ish chapters)

Origional Poetry by Lislis

"Communists!" -Well, that's one way to look at the Smurfs...

"Literate Journey" -A poem that walks through some neato books I read ^_^

"My Wandering Mind" -Isn't a short attention span fun? XD

Fanfictions by N.C:

Runners High-(A Yu-Gi-Oh fic! ^_^) After Battle City, things are back to normal for Yugi and co.- Whatever "normal" may be. Seto's back at home with his brother and everything's just honkey dory... Or so we all thought, when a psychotic woman on a motorcycle joins the crowd, Seto's thoughts take us to meet a girl from his past and- a new tournament?! Things really take a turn as another Ishtar takes the stage! Who will win the tournament this time? Will Jonounchi ever find a date? Will our sanity ever be the same again?? Find out!" (Rated PG-13 for language, violence and content) (Finished!-so far...)

DISCLAIMER: No, your sanity shall never be the same again. ^_^

Fanfictions by Una:

DragonballBC Bardock Chronicles-Ever wonder what Bardock was like growing up? Well, here it is! Goku's dad as he was making friends, training, and falling in love. (Rated PG with some PG-13ish chapters)(Unfinished)

Never Alone -(An InuYasha fic! :D ) Kagome has been gone from the feudal era for nine years. Then along comes her (and IY's) daughter Koinuma, begging for help to save her mother. Will they be in time? And who hurt her in the first place? (Rated PG)

Yami's Living Puzzle -What if Yami had a brother and wife back in the past, too? He has to find them in present time before he can regain all of his memories and powers back. Now there is a new girl in Domino High the pharaoh seems to be attracted to... (Rated PG-13)

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