The Services I Offer

I aim to offer a complete design service with images that are both practical and attractive. Wether you would perfer a more minimalist apporach or something that jumps off the page, Digital Grey will take you there, I provide print or web work if required. Take a look in the gallery pages (just hit the navigate tab), if you see a illustration you like it can be adapted for your purposes, or you can comission a new work. All work is provided on the basis that it will be used for exclusively for one client and that I retain the right to use it on this website or in a printed portfolio. I also retain the right to distribute the image via e-mail etc. on a non-commercial basis. Once a image is provided to a client, any copying of the image by outside parties without prior consent being given by myself or the client in question is a breach of copyright and may be dealt with as such.

  • illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Book Covers
  • Flyers
  • Cd Covers


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