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Meridian Light

Meridian light:
what is the foundation (the ONE source) it (meridian light) is based on?

The first 'source' came from the 'way' i first saw and imagined it, and first understood its meaning. I first saw it as a 'double helix' conected in a circle of 'six circling one in the center'. I saw they were all different colours, and the center was green. I then had to describe it and imediatly symbolized it on paper. I began to see a name 'meridian' , for no other reason than having to call it something and fast, i called it 'meridian light'.The date was sometime mid-2002.

Sometime soon after i began working through what i actually knew of this vision i had. I began making drawings, began making notes.

  • I knew i saw green in the very center.
  • I knew that all the other six different colours were circling around it, but did not see an order.
  • I knew it was about duality through connection of the double helix to the vision, about cause and effect, of opposites,and of equals and of equal opposities.

Then I looked at the colour spectrum as i knew it, red orange yellow green blue indigo violet. I saw that green was the center in this pattern as well! how strange and fascinating that revealation was! I Quickly decided that the circles i saw around this center, were infact the colours of the spectrum itself.Great theory, i thought, but i needed to test it for logic .I defined two things of meridian light. They were, duality of cause and effect and the effect of duality upon the visible spectrum. In anycase, a day or so after the vision, i had a pretty interesting pursuit of knowledge on my hands. Not only was all this making some scientific sense, but it was equally making a spiritual sense. It was great! I actually believed in something outside the ' I Exsist' theroy of being.

At this point i knew meridian light was certainly about light! It was also very much about colour.. I still was working the reasons behind a pattern within. Then it hit me, green was made from blue and yellow. So then i went back to the circle, with green the central object, and six equally shaped objects surrounding. If i placed yellow on one side, and taking the 'opposites' and 'equal' points of meridian light, and placed blue on the opposite side, i noticed a pattern of opposites that could happen 3 times. 3 opposites surround the central 1 ! i saw it, but i still didn't have it! why is this? i thought. Where does three fit in 7 colours in linear form???

So....back i went to the linear visable spectrum:) I had to see this pattern of 3 here, otherwise meridian light would be nothing but a project 'aqua' .....(local joke:)). I began to think of other colour mixes i knew of. eventually i found red and yellow make a perfect orange. I had found the oranges pair, matched perfectly below the greens pair.red and yellow created orange, yellow and blue created green. I then rubbed my eyes! yellow matched because it was used twice. creating both orange AND green.

Now i had one more opposite to find. And yet, with only two sets, and a dead end at blue, i knew where to look for the other opposite. Could it be blue and violet?, i thought that night, about a week after the vision. I couldn't work out a mix between blue and violet, but it HAD to be there. i needed meridian light to have indigo as the creation between blue and violet.

It took me awhile to work out the numbers, but i began testing in paintshop pro that night. Blue was easy, in hex / html it's #0000FF or RGB, 0.0.255. (I also had an immediate dislike to green indicating that it is a 'primary' colour:). I found that violet, was a tricky process actually. What the hell did digital pure violet equal? I didn't think of a time i needed or cared to know. Playing with the light dial, a slid the dial between blue and violet. #800080 or RGB 128.0.128 (half each of red and blue, and completly eliminating green, i trusted that data). Now all i had to do was work out, half of the difference between pure blue (#0000ff / 0.0.255) and violet (#800080 / 128.0.128). I considered that indigo had to be exactly half of violet's-red (128/2=64) and no change in violets-blue (128) .Because, i was dealing with opposite and equal values, i could test THAT by halving violets-red you get 64(indigos-red) And multipling violets-blue by 2 to get to true blue 0.0.255.

Indigo i decided was going to be 64.0.128. and hex #400080. I began dialing indigo, between blue and violet, down to the bit. It looked right, it was indigo! I had found the three sets! I placed all three in the circle around the center green, it worked, it all made sense. Meridian light, became a reality. I had invented something, a concept , but of what use? I couldn't find a thing online, remotly suggesting what i was meaning. And yet, i was staring at a meaning of light, that i personaly had never seen before.

Over the next few months, i stalled, i found so much information relating to light on the body i couldn't keep up.chakras were every where, in #philosophy, duality was the subject. In #spirit, i just threw all my ideas out there! I lost track, i found a glamour in a tool that i did not know how to use, yet i could see it's power. i was lost in other peoples definitions of what meridian light enrgy was, and yet i knew three things of my own doing about it...and i stopped....

Today, i'm back into the research. The following chapters are as always a work in progress.


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