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in the name of our fathers we must stop the hate and in
I am the black horse justice the gray horse of death in the name of peace !dont follow me it must come I am the mouth of all who have died in the name of our
Father ,war and mammon, you see Fathers s house is in your heart, help the world care for the kids and teach them good moral standards and they will return respect for themselves or they will live in a trash can.
Father wants you to spread hope for tomorrow, care for your neighbor and he will care for you forgiveness is your way to peace The popes,bishops an rabbis of the old cloth curupted the word ofour Father for mammon in CHRIST JESUS our brother the new cloth is the truth and the way to our father in the Holy Spirit he did not give his life that we sin and go with him to the right hand of our Father he said sin no more he gave his life for the moral law the world still live in sin in the name of our father and Christ Jesus write the laws over your heart not the flesh in the heart is where our Father is FREELY I RECEIVED FREELY GIVEN


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