the center of time

welcome... we are now in the center of my world, the center of time, where all can find many different portals that leads to different places in this universe*.

Be prepared and watch every step that you take in this world. This world contains documents, ideas, psychological, and philosophical aspects that is way beyond basic understanding. The information that is found on this world... or the mortals, it's called a web page, are based on my philosophical and psychological ramblings, theories, lessons, and thoughts. Some of the documents and text that can be found might offend others or find that my thoughts are way beyond sanity... for short, senseless and insane in some point. Thou haveth warned!!! And forewarned and gives my sincerest regrets and apologies to who find this information (in this case, the page and creator) offensive or troubling to the hearts, souls, and minds of the visitor. My apologies... However to those interested, I thank you for your time on visiting my world. *Bows gracefully*


Greetings minna, as usual, still not totally finished, just to let you know, I just made some vveeeeeeeeeeery small updates on the site... added some links to the clan link.. Thanks for visiting again... will do best to update it more effectively and frequently. Ciao no da ^_^

This world has been updated since ""

Kenshin... who else that might be.. ^-^

Here are all the places. dimensions, and rooms that you can go to from this point. However, be forwarned that most of them contains various information that can not be suitable to the conscious and sane mind.

the portals

The anime chambers - where are all my anime obsession is compiled into.

the manga library - not much can be seen in here, telling some of the things regarding manga.

the entertainment centre - the place we can take a rest, relax, and enjoy within my world. We listen to songs or play a game of your liking, whichever would entertain ourselves.

the portal to Kikoaichi Star - the place where I belong, the world where my brothers and sisters unite to for a cause.... a very complex cause.

the interactive zone - the place where we can all talk, listen, respond, and interact among others of travelers who are in my world.

the outer worlds - the world of mortal humans, this is a section of the center that can lead you to some of the most interesting and intriguing places that I have visited over the course of my eternal life.

Please do give me some ideas, comments, suggestions or just plain notes. I would really love to hear from you all. Please do write to me. Thank you!!! ^-^.

Every information that can be found on this page are all based on my ideas and thoughts, and I don't know if I should do those copyright thingies since none of there are really mine except for the information. If there is a problem, suggestion, opinion, and requests; Pls send it to me at

This World has been visited by people. Thank you very much for visiting my world.

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