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Basic Consulting

GMG Industries offers basic software consulting services. If you have a small project you wish done or a simple application created, contact me and describe your requirements. Because I am currently employed full time as a programmer, at this time I will only be able to work on small projects that do not conflict with the contract I have with my current employer. Most small projects shouldn't be a problem but you can  email me and I will let you know if I would be able to work on the project without conflicting with my current contract.


Rates and fees will depend on the project's complexity and roughly the number of hours needed for completion.

Ownership of Source Code and Application's Copyright Policy

The copyright and ownership of any source code used  for development and any applications created by GMG Industries will be retained by GMG Industries unless purchased separately. Depending on the value of the code and/or application created, under most circumstances will not be for sale, but GMG Industries is open to negotiating the rights to the source code and/or the copyright to any application developed by GMG Industries. The price will have to be negotiated separately from the cost of the development itself.

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