[Glyn Clarks Corner of Texas]
Enjoy what pleasures life brings you, even if you aren't sure they are politically correct. Sometimes the simple pleasure of a touch of silk is more
fulfilling than all of the correct thoughts in the world, especially if that touch
is forbidden.
My name is Glyn Clark. I am a 56 year old
crossdresser. I live in Southeast
Texas, any more southeast and I would be in either Louisiana or the Gulf of Mexico. I am married to a very lovely woman who allows Glyn a place in our home.
I like to fish, ( of course) ,play chess, garden, cook, (especially cajun) , rebuild cars, paint, and write poetry. And of course I love to dress
in female clothing, otherwise I wouldn't be here.
This site contains no adult material, so if you are looking for pornography, or are offended by the subject of gender choice,
please be politically correct and exit without going any further.
This site contains no nudity or profanity.
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