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Intro Message!

Welcome to the Game Creating website.
Feel free to look around.


I'm sorry to anouce that the making of ''The Moncat'' game
is canceled. When I left it to rest, I lost my inspiration. So I
had no plans what so ever what to do with the game. But I don't
think think that this site has many viewers anyway. But if there
are any, what I siriously doupt, I'm am planning to make
a new game. It's going to be a RPG version of the strategy
game '' Ogame ''. (

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Download AntiVir Antivirus
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18 August 2006
I finaly found time to update the site
I'm sorry it took so long. By the way my Domain name
was set back to normal. It is now ones again

24 March 2006 22:55
I found a site where I could change
my Domain name. It's now

22 Januari 2006
I removed the Moncat page. I replaced it
with his own site. When you click the link in
the navigation you'll be linked right to it.

22 Januari 2006
I update the Moncat page.
You can now see some screenshots
and read some info about the game.

Saturday 5 November 2005 11;43
I Updated ''My Tip'' for Limewire users.

5 November 2005 11:39
I Removed the Starfox Remix
Dowload Button to save webspace

Saturday 23 July 2005 13:23

I updated my favo music list. Check it out

Saturday 9 july 2005  23:03

Homepage is Changed. I changed the name in a name tag.
look on the top of this page

Saturday 9 july 2005  22:54

Change at cheats page. I removed the Cheats
page. I didn't used it,at all

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