The Old Fashioned Saturday Morning Quicksand Adventure Theater Page
The page for movie and tv scripts, pilot episodes, short vignette scripts, short stories, and other stuff we'd like to see on TV.
Updated January 1, 2004
Much of what you see here is mine, but contributions from others are welcome and will, I hope, soon outnumber my stuff.
All material here is copyrighted by the respective authors unless explicitely noted otherwise. All of my own material is copyrighted by me. However, I freely grant the right to make individual copies for personal, non-commercial use. Furthermore, anyone wishing to actually produce a film based on one of my scripts or stories, and competent to do so, may expect to find me cooperative and reasonable. Basically, if you are making money with my work then I expect to be reimbursed fairly. However, I am amenable to agreements calling for royalties only. I am also open to arrangements whereby if you make nothing then I make nothing. If it is appropriate (which it usually will not be) I may beg for a part but all decisions rest with the producer.

Number of Current Entries 
Studio 588 Info about one of the world's most unusual film studio facilities  
Scripts Screenplay scripts for movies, videos, etc. Any length.
11 (updated 4/1/01)
Reconstructed and Re-Written Scripts Scripts of old, Hollywood movies, reconstructed from clips, plus re-writes for future re-makes as they ought to be done
1 (updated 7/3/00) 
Fractured Fairy Tales Fairy tales with a twist
3 (Updated February 20, 2000)
TV Pilots and Episodes Screenplay scripts or stories appropriate for episodic TV, serials, etc.
 4 (updated 4/6/00)
Video Vignettes  Screenplay for very simple videos. Plop and sink stuff and the like. 
 14 (updated 8/27/00
Video Files  AVI, MPEG files. Any length but complete stories or sequences only. 
Short Stories  Short stories or other fiction that might serve as the basis of a video, movie, or TV program. Some of these couldn't really be filmed but what the heck.
 15 (Updated February 3, 2001)
Commercials Self explanatory. Ads, Spoofs of ads.
11 (updated 3/10/01)
Radio Theater Scripts and audio files for radio.
1 (updated 2/12/00)
The American Journal of Quicksand Studies and Miscellaneous Other Stuff Fake research, Occasional real research. Also, sometimes poetry, liimericks, fake news articles, whatever. 
 5 (updated 9/17/00)
Links, citations, guidelines,plot suggestions, etc. Suggestions, examples, etc.
7 links; 5 story suggestions, thumbnails 
PLANET ROBINSON A full-length movie script plus a project for all interested parties to write and contribute episodes. A movie and TV series combining the best elements of Swiss Family Robinson, Star Trek, Fort Apache, and, above all, Tarzan. 1 full-length movie script, writing rules, character biographies, and more. Created 10/2000

Illustrations: Art work, photos, video, and sound files may be submitted for display along with textual material provided they relate appropriately to the text. Other illustrations may be submitted for use as decorations around these pages. If items are too large for submission as an email attachment, write and I will contact you by return email with instructions for submission. Because of their large size, sound and video files may be displayed on a rotating basis at some point in the future. Alternatively, I may seek to locate an archive elsewhere and post links on the radio and video pages.
Authors who have submitted at least one item to these pages may also submit links to their similar or related work published elsewhere.

Contributions in all formats and inquiries should be emailed  to:  FRED588@GO.COM
When submitting a story, script, or other item, be sure to include a copyright notice. You can use a pseudonym, as I do. Use your email address if you want to receive feedback from readers. If you don't want feedback you can say something like Copyright 2000 by (name withheld but known to page owner) and give me your email address confidentially. That way, if your brilliant, million dollar script attracts the attention of a producer (unlikely, I know) I will be able to put the two of you together.
If, at any time, you want your material taken down, just let me know and it will be done.
If you see anything here that is your work but bearing another name, let me know. I will take it done right away, or change the name (as you prefer). I will also ban the person submitting the plagiarized work from further submissions and take down ALL their other work..
DO NOT submit stories that are pornographic (partial nudity is usually okay but there has to be a reason for it other than titilation. DO NOT submit stories or any materials that portrey under-age children in situations that could be considered abusive. A story of a child encountering a dangerous situation is okay but one involving sex or nudity is NOT. Finally, DO NOT submit anything that is not your own work. That is called PLAGIARISM and will get you a grade of F. I will not edit anything in your material. However, I will review it prior to posting. If I find serious errors (spelling, for example) I may recommend changes before posting, but it will be up to you to make those changes. 

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