Who is Rob? Spend a little time with this stocky, guy "next door" type and enjoy the ride! It has been an eventful life so far....and "I'm still standing!" (as corny as that sounds) I was hesitant to have a web page, but years ago a good friend changed my mind, so this one has been up since 1998. You see we all have a story to tell. This is mine.


Troy and I are now six and a half years into our relationship. We will celebrated the 2 year anniversary of the purchase of our first home, while our careers are growing in role and scope at the same time. Our communication and understanding of one another is at new levels. He is my best friend and lover...and that's a great place to be! We are open and honest, have fun and keep things exciting. I would say we are conventional in most respects and not so conventional in others. :) Our relationship is solid and that is what counts when it is all said and done. Below is a face pic from 11/04.

Read about the younger years and coming out in a small upstate New York town

Rhode Island-the college years, and some pics


Some pics of Troy and I, check them out!

Pics of our old apartment in Phoenix, including one of the mountains from the 12th floor!

Pics of the old rental house in Arizona

Pictures of our new home in the California Desert!

11/05 So what is new and exciting? Well, I finally stepped into the role of an HR Manager, after spending years in a recruiting/specialist role. It is quite a shift, but so far so good. It is amazing though, how geographic/cultural differences play a role in employment and retention. At least once a day, I wonder how much more laid-back or non-committed employees can be. I finished my MBA- Management (magna cum laude), about a year ago. Troy took a Territory Manager position with the architectural coatings devision of a strong company, based back East. A lot of driving, but he loves it. We have made quite a bit of equity in our home in CA and keep going back and forth about whether or not to sell, buy something outright in Dallas and be semi-retired, or hang in there in the California rat race. Thoughts? Drop us an email.

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MONTREAL-97 (L to R Brian "Little Brian", Norman "Mon cheri", Me "What happens in Canada, stayes in Canada" and Eric "Mon Dieu")

This page is dedicated to all of the friends in my life who have been there for me and truly know the meaning of an unconditional friendship. Matthew Scruggs (you have become my best friend, by always being there...sorry I dared your to mom steal the Grey Poupon in '96...and she did it!), Daniel Dorsey (what can I say? you and I have lived 9 lives together), Terence Villanueva (always there with a funny story or cookie to comfort me.), Kimberly Alvord-Plume (over the years we have never lost are the most successful one out of our high school group so far, congrats! I am very happy for gimme that Land Cruiser), Cora DeSantis-Larson (for the countless rides in "Nellie" in high school and for proving that you can loose touch, catch up, loose touch again, but always pick back up where you leave off! You wedding was FAB! even if it was in Montana!....hehehe) And most importantly to the memory of Patricia Preston, my mother who was such an amazing influence in my life.

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