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There is a little angel,
Her name is Emily Paige,
When we all found out about her we didn't know,
it was an angel they had made.
God gave her wings with her soul,
but thought that she should know,
the kind of love only her Mommy and Daddy could show.
Mom and Dad had big plans,
and so did Sarah Grace,
Little did we know God would call her so soon
to such a heavenly place.
The tears now flow like rivers,
from the many souls she touched,
Everyone left with questions,
wondering so much,
No answers to be found.
We all wanted Emily for our own,
on this earthly ground.
But God gave Emily her angel wings,
the night that she was made,
little did we know how soon she would be taken away.
God let us learn so much,
from the love she brought with her,
Family and Friends,
and once strangers far away,
were all blessed by her presence,
each and every day.
Emily will continue to grow,
in love, and in our hearts,
Because in our lives,
she has played such a special part.
So spread your wings,
little Emily,
God trusted them to you,
Spread your wings little Emily,
God only gives them to a precious few.

~ Keri Gee ~


To Our Perfect Heaven Angel...Emily Paige,

There isn't a day that goes by that we don't miss you and think about you. You spent five short months inside of me, and then you were gone in an instant. The impact you have made on our lives however, will last as infinitely as any other child that we have or will have. You have your own special place in our family and in our hearts forever and we are all the more blessed to have known you for however brief a time.

I don't know why you were called Home so soon, but I put my faith and belief in God that He has embraced you and is caring for you as your daddy and I would have. My midwife and doctor don't know exactly what happened, and they may never know...only that some kind of infection had gotten up to you so fast that you were forced out of my body before your earthly time. Despite what everyone has told me and my faith, I can't help but feel this tremendous amount of guilt, and I just want you to know how sorry I am that I wasn't able to protect you more and keep you safe.

I am so grateful that I got to hold you and look at your beautiful face. You looked so peaceful and perfect. I just hope and pray that you felt all of our love for you, that you didn't suffer at all, and that you knew how much we wanted and cared for you. Seeing you on the ultrasound just two short weeks before you were silently born to us was just incredible and wonderful. I am so grateful that we have those pictures of you and the video of you moving all around. I am grateful that the hospital staff took pictures of you and gave us your blanket, hat and pillow as these are the physical momentos we have of you, our beautiful angel, that bring us some comfort and peace.

A piece of our hearts is gone forever, and resides in your soul until we are reunited. Selfishly, I still can't believe I will never have you here with me on Earth and it hurts so badly to have this void in our lives that only you could fill. Yet, I do believe and know in my heart that God chose you to be a perfect angel for Him and that you are now at peace and in paradise and that does bring some comfort to us. Just know this, sweet angel...we all love you and cherish you with all of our hearts and miss you terribly. Thank you for bringing the kind of love only YOU could have brought to us...we are all the more blessed for having had you in our lives. For it was you who were able to "put a lifetime of joy in an instant"...

All of our Love,
Mommy, Daddy and Sarah Grace



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