As I stated on the previous page a group of us got togreather to discuss this whole concept.  See what sparked this was a question that I posed the guys of the group which was....  " Does a guy feel hasseled if a woman calls him after a first date or should she wait for him to make the next effort."
   Now as far as I can tell if anyone ever says that they truly understand the opposite sex then they are full of 100% grand A shit!!!!!  As well as Cosmo, Glamor, Maxim and Stuff even though they contain some pretty interesting articles they are still full of shit and I will prove this later on.  Don't even get me started on the "experts"

     So first topic of the night was.. 

The rule that states "never, never, never call the person you were on the date with the next day."

Everyone was suprised that even though we thought that it had to be one of the craziest rules that we have ever heard of we also all seemed to go by the same guideline:
Call a couple days afterward......   and the man should make the first effort... BUT WHY???????  What is so bad about calling the next day gentlemen????  It saves from us women trying to figure out if you are interested in us or just had nothing better to do on a Wednesday night!!!!! 

Rule 2 states this is a continuation of rule number one "make yourself appear as if the female should consider themselves lucky to even be dating you."

Maybe this goes back to the whole ego boosting thing (no offense guys) but the women I know feel that if you are so busy that they should feel honored that you would free up a Friday night for them then don't bother.  Now I'm not saying that we don't expect you to have plans however we don't need to know that you gave up your regular drinking night for us, and how lucky we should think ourselves.

Rule 3
Now I know what your thinking..... this girl has some serious issues.  You are right I do.....  I don't think that there is any better way then this to get serious about the misunderstandings and misconceptions that constantly pop up in my relationships and many other couples that I know. 
             ****guys beware***
But don't worry too much gentlemen us women still need you guys around for lots of stuff like... opening doors, taking out the trash you know stuff like that.  Kidding of course.........
I like to call this page "The Roundtable"
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