Chat Room Players
                     vs. the Real Thing!

Let's face it 90% of men and women on chat are chat room players because honestly how many people have you known to actually meet and live happily ever after by meeting on the internet.

Sure everyone knows one.  Or knows someone that knows a couple but it's rather scarce.  Truth is most people online have no intention of ever meeting someone that they chat to.  In some cases that's fine however the problem arises when one of the 2 parties happens to really fall for the person they are chatting with.

Of course the chat room players may argue that they know someone that knows some that knew someone that was
killed by someone that they agreed to meet from the internet!  However isn't the same true for all blind dates or chance meeting that turn into dates?

So anyhow like I was saying if you are interested in actually meeting people online here are some ways though not fool proof of telling is the person your chatting with is sincere or a CHAT ROOM ROMEO

1.  Chat room Players like to work the room as well as PM's so keep an eye out in the room if you are in the rooms

2. They like to keep more then one PM screen going at a time because as they say two is better then one.  So keep an eye on the speed of the reply's.

3. They can't remember or keep mixing up information that you give them....  Sure everyone forgets from time to time but if they've been talking to you for a few weeks steady and still can't remember your name even though you've repeated it several time's then your one of many that they can't be bothered remembering details of.

4. They never ever, ever mention wanting to meet in person.  It's like this if the person were really into you they'd be interested in meeting first hand.  Mind you it is harder if there is a distance between you however the topic will come up.

5.  If there has been a meeting set and they keep backing out with no good reason.  eg. thier dog is feeling a bit on the bad side lately and they couldn't dream of leaving him right now maybe next year! 

6. Are they too good to be true?   Yep you guessed it they are.
There are exceptions too the rule but your never going to agree on everything unless the other person is just agreeing to look good in your eyes.

7.  They open an initional PM with hey baby, hey sexy, or wanna get togeather and have some fun.

Now i'm not saying that you should never fall for a person you meet on the internet quite the contrary I feel the internet is a great place to meet some wonderful people.  In fact I have met several people from the internet and they were who they said they were.  Looked the way they were supposed to look yada yada yada. It was a great experience.  I would never have been able to meet then had it not been for the internet. 

However, what I am saying is this - and please keep this in mind because a friend of mine is currently going through the falling in love with an internet pal thing and honestly there's not much chance of it panning out there are too many outside factors.

When you "chat"  keep a guarded heart.  Not everyone is sincere and not everyone that says they care really do to be quite frank.  and if you do become fortunate enough to meet someone that shares your interests, that is fun to talk to and sincere then i'm happy for you it's good to hear internet love success stories once and a while.

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