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Elixa's Web Magazine
some names you may know me from:
Real:  Charlene
Yahoo chat:  Elixa_22
Msn chat:  Elixa_25

Site Table of Contents:

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Tips on Dating a Single mom
(revised edition Aug 02')
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Chat room players vs. the real thing how to tell
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What opening lines never to use in a PM
Below the opening

First Date Lowdown: What to do and what not to do.
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Chat Room Liars! How to tell if your chatting with one
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Elixa's Web Newspaper:
Up to date articles/headlines from leading newspapers from 10 different countries!
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Quote of the month
Words to live by

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About the author page
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How to determine if the person you are chatting with is a sweet person or a CHAT ROOM STALKER
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For some great free stuff and excellent discounts check out my virtual mall.  Hundreds of merchants and services.

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Devil's Advocate: Latest Topic:
Deadbeat dads should they be allowed back into a childs life?

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To try your luck at the CASINO's and check out the Arcade games

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Reviews and comparisons of online dating services and chat lines

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What Women want in a relationshi
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The Rountable:  A large group or men and women discuss relatonship
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From chat friends to real life lovers.  Here are the true stories

Top 10 reasons to "chat"

Is an online "affair" really cheating?

Internet short fiction

A taste of Canada

Available now: 
Top Canadian calebrities and bio
click here (currently under development

Top 10 things that make Canada......well Canada

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Canadian Mall all products, services and freebees are from Canada
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I am Canadian..
.but i don't do this P.S.thanx Les with an L for the idea
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2002 Olympic Gold Metal Canadian Mens Hockey Team

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Coming soon

Funky Canadian facts

Here are a few things that some select idiots will say to me to get my attention:

1.  What to see me pennis (spelt exactly that way)
My answer:  Learn how to spell penis first asswipe

2. ASL
My Answer:  At least ask me how i'm doing ASL seems well.......  rude

My Answer:  Hey buddy if you have enough time on your hands that you can type 10 lines of that shit I can't be bothered talking to you.

3.  Wanna Cyber?
My Answer:  I don't this person is desprite and pathetic.  Not even worth a reply.

4.  My wife won't have sex with me... Wanna cyber?
My Answer:  You need therapy buds and the wife...... Get help

5.  Wanna have phone sex?
My answer:  Here's a 1-900- number for you don't be so damn cheap.

6.  Laugh if your horny
My Answer:  Origional but still stupid and the person is still a waste of time.

7.  Hey there sexy?
My Answer:  don't bother but think to myself " I wonder how many ugly chicks he says that to?"

8. (ding)
My Answer:  What the hell does that mean!!!!  Do you speak english pal?

9.  Are you there?
My answer:  My status says available..... what do you think einstein?

10.  Are you wearing any panties?
My Answer:  No actually I wander the streets all day every day in the nude.  dickhead.
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        Welcome To Elixa's Web Magazine :
                        Internet dating and relationships tips

This site contains articles on everything from chatting tips to internet dating advice to hints on how to spot an chat faker (aka. the idiot with the phony pic's and info..  It also features advice for guys on the first date to dating a single mom.
For the guys: I have everything you need to know about women at your disposal...  Trust me I read the GQ and Maxim magazines just like the rest of you!!!!! ( Have to find out what the media is feeding you about women)  and it's complete bullshit.  Take it from someone that knows A WOMAN.......
For Everyone:  I have had alot of fun with my site lately and created not only articles for men but for everyone to enjoy my latest creation is my Canada series....
So Finally: Just call me the chatline Dr.Ruth because I'm here to fix the problems with online chat and dating (or at least put in my 2 cents worth).
Also:  There are some really cool links to some great products and promo's down below so check out my virtual shopping mall!!!!!!
P.S.  Try to check out all the articles or at least browse through them there is alot of cool shit ......Keep in mind. I'm always expanding the site and adding new interesting and informative articles.
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I need your help! I'm in the process of writing an article on chatters that go on real dates and would appreciate it  if you have ever met someone from online before please answer this quick poll or email me the details at           
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Elixa Web Magazine: Chatting and Dating tips
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What's Up
April 22/03

OK guys it's time to admitt it, I've run out of excuses as to why I'm not taking time to work on my website so I'll lay it to you straight, I havn't had the ambition to bother lately.  Truth of the matter is that I'm in a perfectly happy relationship right now.  There really hasn't been the normal drama that seems to plague my life so I havn't had alot to vent or write about.  So..... I think what I'm going to have to do is add a whole new look and flavor to this site.  Here's the problem I'm not sure what that is yet..... but I'll keep ya's posted.  hasta la vista baby. 
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