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Jinan Acrobatics Troupe of China

Jinan city is one birth place of Chinese acrobatics. Jinan Acrobatics Troupe was Established in 1958, The troupe now performs more than 100 programs of different styles within the performing time 5-15 minutes. Including Chinese kongfu, Contortion, high chair, juggling, swing, aerial silk, hoop diving, plate spinning, rope skill, cycling, climbing bar, straw hat, wire walking, lion dancing, bucket skill, jar juggling, pipe balancing blanket balancing, diabobo, ext. We also have our own evening show which has been invited to perform during 2008 Beijing Olympic. The troupe has constantly selected excellent programs to attend national and international competitions and has made remarkable achievements. Juggling Stools with Feet won gold medals at both the 11th World Acrobatics Championships in England in 1986 and the 10th World Tomorrow Acrobatics and Circus Competition in France in 1987. In 1990, it again won the gold medal at Korea’s ‘Spring of April’Art Festival together the other program Circle Rocking. The program Balancing On Double Plank Won the Silver Clown Cup at the 14th Monte Carlo International Circus and Acrobatics Competition in Monaco in 1989. The program Contortion blanket Spinning won the gold medal at the 2nd National Minority Art Festival in 2001. The program Dance in the Sky won silver medal at the 5th China Wuhan International Acrobatic Festival in 2002, and in October 2003, it won pair of items gold award including gold award and maximal audience judge gold award at the Second Session Brazil International Acrobatics Competition. The program Chair Stacking won Golden K medal and the Cup of Monte Carlo Princess at the 17th Monte Carlo ‘First on Stage’ International Youth Acrobatics Competition in Monaco in February 2005, and this program got the highest score on record. In 2006 it gained gold medal ‘Gold Elephant Medal’ at Russian Sixth Session of Moscow International Young People Circus Big Game acrobatics. Other acrobatic programs, such as Jumping through Hoops, Martial Arts, Juggling with Feet and Flying Trapeze, and other magic programs, such as Happy Haier People, Flower Fairies and Six Chains of Rings were also rewarded gold medals, silver medals and other prizes at national magic contests. On behalf of China, the troupe has visited and performed in nearly 50 countries. Welcome to the performance agency and circus to contact us for performance.


Jinan Acrobatics Troupe of China




CELL :    0086 15969685674

TEL :     0086 531 87954941

FAX:      0086 531 87186116


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