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Nuts in Middle Earth by TRMJ and Elf+Nut

Disclaimer: LOTR was created by JRR Tolkien, and all the characters and names you recognize belong to him.

Debora and Claudia are just two internet girls having some fun with their favorite characters. Not copyright infringement was intended. This was made just for fun. And yes, we ARE nuts, so don't bother emailing us just to tell us that.

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______________ Nuts in Middle Earth Chapter 8__________________

As Claudia woke up, the first thing she thought about was that she was still dreaming.

She heard birds chirping and the smell of the forest at dawn was the most head-filling experience she could remember of...

Well, that and the amazing dream she had about her and Legolas and...

When she noticed she was actually naked under a blanket, lying on the ground of the forest, she started. And then she felt his body spooning hers, gathering her back into his arms.

Claudia tried to relax and calm down, trying to sort out the experience she obviously had shared with Legolas the night before and the feeling of panic growing in her stomach.

Legolas felt her tense in his arms, and knew exactly what the woman was thinking of. He eased her hair, and whispered softly in her ear.

"Good morning to you, amaelamin. Ease your thoughts until breakfast, do not taint this glorious moment with worries."

Claudia wished she could just lean back into his chest and forget and enjoy. She just could not. She did not feel regret, for the reality from their lovemaking the night before had even surpassed her wildest dreams and fantasies. No, no regrets. But guilt had already taken over her heart and soul. She tried to think about what she was going to say.

"Legolas, you have been the man in my dreams for a long time. The last days here in Middle Earth and last night were something I could have never ever dreamt of. But back there were I come from ... "

The elf smiled sadly and turned her over to face him.

"Claudia, I know you left your family there. You have a life-mate, right? And how many children?"

She felt tears gathering in her eyes. She thought of her family and the feeling of guilt grew in her.

"I have a husband and two little daughters, Legolas."

The elf almost couldn't bear the hurt in her voice and in her eyes. Luckily living for 3000 years does make you wiser.

"Claudia, listen to me. You may not ever return home. You might also find a way to go back. But you should not burden your heart with guilt and live in grief for the rest of your life . We both wanted to share this night, and I hope we share many more, because your soul is mirrored in mine. We don't have to wait for a next life. Just live the moment. But if you wish that we deny our feelings and that from today on we should take different paths, I will understand. I just cannot stand your sorrow."

She let the tears run down her cheeks. Her heart, her soul and her mind were in a ragging battle. And her heart won, because her heart had always led her choices in life.

She burrowed closer to his chest and whispered, "Love me Legolas, for I want to treasure every minute we share in this life . While waiting for the next life when we will be together for good."


When Debora and Boromir had finally managed to get themselves dressed and out of the Chamber they had shared, they could already hear sounds of people chattering on the clearing beneath the tree they were in.

They descended, and found Aragorn, Gimli and the hobbits already having breakfast, which was being served by some young elves from Lorien.

"Have you seen Claudia?" Debora asked, quite frantic.

Aragorn looked up at her, after having thanked the elf that had just filled his cup with fresh water, and said, quirking one of his eyebrows up, "I thought you and her had shared the same chamber to sleep last night."

Debora could detect the hint of a smile on Aragorn's face, and she felt her cheeks blush in embarrassment.

"But Claudia didn't sleep with her last night; I did. Do you have a problem with that?"

Boromir asked, eyeing Aragorn as if daring him to say something else. Debora didn't know if she should feel proud with the fact that Boromir was standing up for her, or if she should run and hide in shame because he had just made what was their personal business public knowledge.

Gimli added, "Well, Legolas didn't sleep in our chamber last night either."

Debora and Boromir exchanged a look. Could it be...?

At that exact moment, Claudia and Legolas appeared.

"Good morning everyone," said a very happy-looking Claudia, even though Debora could detect a hint of dark hues on the skin beneath her eyes. She couldn't help but cross her arms across her chest, quirk an eyebrow up and ask, with amusement in her voice, "How was your night, Claudia? Did you get enough sleep?"

"Yeah, but certainly not thanks to you." Claudia answered.

Debora felt a pang of guilt in her heart. "I'm so sorry Claudia! I didn't mean to..."

Claudia waved Debora's apologies aside. "No problem, nut. As long as you enjoyed your night..." she added, a smile on her lips.

Debora had to smile at that. "Well, I guess you could say that."

Boromir, who had been watching the women's exchange in amusement, was outraged by that last comment. "You COULD say that?"

Debora turned to Boromir and approached him with languid steps and just the right amount of swing to her hips to attract his attention but not everyone else's.

"SHE can say that," Debora encircled Boromir's arms with her own, "I don't even dare trying to put into words what I felt last night."

Boromir gave her a husky smile, and lowered his head towards hers. But before they could kiss, Claudia cleared her throat loudly. "Gondor girl, I don't know if you noticed, but you are not alone."

Boromir eyed Claudia over Debora's head, who was glaring at Claudia.

"Why do you keep calling her 'Gondor Girl'?"

"For the same reason I call her Elf Nut." Debora answered, and Claudia answered her through the Force. 'Touché.'

Aragorn decided this was the right moment to intrude.

"Okay, girls, Legolas, and Gondor Boy," he added while looking pointedly at Boromir with just a hint of amusement in his voice, "would you care to join us for breakfast before the time for lunch arrives? I'm sure you all must be very hungry after all the energy you spent yesterday," Aragorn finished, openly smiling now.

Gimli and the hobbits were no longer trying to hide their laughs when Aragorn sat to resume his breakfast. Both couples joined their friends at the improvised (at least to Debora and Claudia) table. Debora sat between Boromir and Frodo, who glanced worriedly to Boromir before smiling timidly at her. Debora smiled warmly at the hobbit, and for a moment remembered that Frodo had never really liked Boromir, always fearing him after the Council of Elrond and his ideas to use the One Ring against Mordor. She wondered for a brief second if that fear came from the fact that Frodo knew that the One Ring needed to be destroyed, or because Frodo didn't want to part from the One Ring. She didn't realize she was frowning until Boromir touched her knee.

"Are you alright? You seem worried about something."

"I'm fine," Debora answered automatically. She had just remembered what Fate had in store for them. "Don't worry about me." And with that, she started munching on one of the Lembas the elves had made for them.

Debora had had her mind so filled with other things since Moria, apart from the previous night when her focus had been on something else and her mind completely empty, that she had all but completely forgotten what was supposed to happen at Amon Hen. She gulped the bit of food down her throat, not even registering its taste. Gandalf had warned her not to try anything, but she had to. She couldn't let Boromir die. If she only had the power to change the future...

Suddenly, she heard a whisper inside her head. 'But you can have this power...'

Claudia felt something wrong in the Force-presence of Debora, to which she had gotten used the few past days. There was something very strange, but she couldn't put her finger on what it was. She leaned over to her friend, "Hey lovey, you okay?"

Debora shook her head, as if to throw the mysterious voice that had invaded her head away. She smiled to Claudia, "Sure, nut, everything is fine; I am just tired, I guess."

Claudia wasn't really satisfied by the answer, but this was neither the time nor the place to dig further into the subject. Especially when she felt Legolas' hand on her knee, gently caressing her leg under the table while he talked to Aragorn, who was sitting by his side.

'Deb, we must talk,' she said to Debora through the Force. Debora looked at her and nodded. But she wasn't so sure she wanted to talk to anybody about her worries and doubts, even if it was Claudia. Debora felt an icy hand gripping her heart and mind. She had to save Boromir, no matter what or at what cost. She just had to save him or die trying. Debora shook her head, her train of thought leading her down a path that if taken would forever dominate her destiny. She had to find another way out of this.

Boromir was looking from Debora to Claudia, worried. Claudia had noticed that something was wrong with Debora too. But nothing had changed since last night, only...

He washed the last bit of food down his throat with a gulp of water, slammed the cup on the table, and turned to Debora. "Are you done with your breakfast? I need to talk to you." And he added under his breath, "Privately."

Debora looked up from her half-eaten lembas, and for a moment her eyes seemed to be turned inward. But quickly the sparkle in them that fascinated Boromir came back, and she said. "I'm really not that hungry." She stood up and turned to Boromir, waiting for him to do likewise. After they had walked a few meters away from their friends, Boromir gently took hold of Debora's arms, and made her look up at him with his other hand under her chin.

"Why are you acting so strange this morning? Do you regret the night we spent together? Or saying yes to my marriage proposal?"

Debora tensed. She looked deeply into those blue eyes surveying her, and could see the fear and hurt in them.

"No, I don't. I've never been more sure of anything else in my life." She looked down at her feet, unable to lie to Boromir and face him at the same time. "It's nothing, really. Don't worry. I'm fine."

Boromir was about to argue with that, when Claudia appeared behind them.

"I'm sorry to interrupt you guys... Debora, can I talk to you?"

Debora looked up at Claudia, and thought, 'From the frying pan into the fire. Great.'

Boromir nodded to Claudia, and caressed Debora's cheek. "I'll be with Aragorn and the others, to find out when we are going to leave. Talk to you later."

After Boromir had left, Claudia approached Debora and said, "Nut, I'm worried about you. You should be ecstatic after last night, but you've been acting gloomily during all breakfast. Is something wrong?" Debora looked at her friend. She couldn't tell her everything that was troubling her, but maybe if she told her part of it she would be left alone.

"It's just that it suddenly dawned on me that we are only a few days away from Amon Hen." Debora closed her eyes, her arms protectively around her. Claudia saw a single tear streaking down her cheek.

"Oh, nut." She embraced her friend, not knowing what do to or what to tell her to help Debora in her grief. She swallowed hard, as she felt her own tears rising. This trip to Middle Earth was certainly no vacation. While holding Debora she carefully chose what she was going to tell her friend.

"Okay Deb, I know what will happen and you know it too. I think old Gandalf knew it too. But we can't change the essence of the events. And we will make our best effort to keep B. alive. I promise you that. Have I ever broken a given promise to you? I don't think so... except..."

Debora was puzzled about what Claudia was saying. "When did you break a promise to me?"

"Well, when I promised we WOULD see Episode II on the first day of showing."

Both had to laugh about it, remembering the beginning of their adventure. Claudia continued.

"I think you guessed where I was last night. I had a very hard time deciding what to do. And I just decided to live one day at a time, enjoying every minute I have. Do the same, lovey; don't think about tomorrow. When tomorrow comes, we will work it out. I swear it on my everlasting love for elves."

Debora was smiling through her tears. Leave it to the nuts to pull through a no way out situation. She looked up at Claudia, who was smiling back to her and couldn't help herself.

"Give me ALL the details of what happened from the moment I sent you out of the room without shoes."

"Only if you tell me what YOU and Gondor Boy did that so effectively made you worried about me ONLY this morning..."

Debora had to laugh at that, and soon, both friends were smiling and telling each other all about their fulfilled dreams. Well, part of it anyway.


Meanwhile, Boromir had approached the other members of the Fellowship, only to find out that the hobbits were still having breakfast. He sat down at his previous place with a smile almost splitting his face in two.

"Master Boromir, you definitely look happy this morning," Pippin added through a mouthful of lembas. Boromir laughed, something no one at the Fellowship had seen he doing frequently.

"You would be ecstatic too if the woman you loved had just accepted to marry you."

At that, Merry, Pippin and Gimli started to talk at once, giving Boromir their congratulations.

Aragorn put his hand on Boromir's left shoulder, and said in a grave voice. "I wish you and Debora all the happiness in Middle Earth, Boromir. You have something I've been only wishing for, and for a very long time, and only recently had my hope rewarded."

Boromir placed his hand over Aragorn's. "Thanks, my friend."

Frodo and Sam, seeing the happiness irradiating from Boromir, decided to leave their differences aside. "Congratulations, Boromir," Frodo said, in which he was quickly followed by Sam. "I'm happy for you, Boromir. I was never very...tactful... with women."

Frodo had to laugh, "Well, it was not from my lack of edging you to ask Rosie out!" to which Sam obviously and quickly complained. At that, everyone started laughing good-naturedly.

Well, everyone except Legolas, who didn't join his friends' laughter. He might be 3000 years old, which helped him to deal with sadness and to keep it hidden from others, but that didn't keep him from feeling it. And he was sad because he knew that he and Claudia could never have something like Debora and Boromir had.

Sure, he had told her to live the moment and not worry about what she had left home, but that would be always looming over their heads, and they would never be able to enjoy their relationship fully. Carefully hiding his demeanor, Legolas finally approached Boromir.

"I wish you and Debora all the joy you can handle and a bit more."

Boromir didn't need to look into Legolas eyes or shake his hand firmly to know that what the elf was wishing to them came from his heart.


Debora and Claudia were back in their chamber, as a young elven maid brought them a change of clothes. There were a change of leggings and shirts in the gray-green shades of the clothes the elves at Lorien wore. And then there were gowns, like the ones the elves and women in Middle Earth wore, with matching slippers. Debora jumped in joy.

"I always wanted to wear stuff like this, yes!" She found a couple of gowns her size and was deciding on which to put on, between a deep scarlet and a rich blue one, when there was knock at their door.

Debora shrieked like a schoolgirl, while Claudia, still dressed, walked to the door.

Out there was Haldir, the archer captain from Lorien, who was intrigued by the behavior of these women.

Claudia tried to put an earnest face. "Captain Haldir, right? What can I do for you?" she said after she threw a quick look at Debora who was goofing with the elven gowns.

"Is your companion well, my lady? I heard something like a scream as I knocked on your door," asked the blonde elf.

Claudia had to stop herself from giggling when she saw Debora making faces as she heard Haldir.

"She is well, Haldir, thank you. It is our way to communicate. What else can I do for you?"

Haldir dropped the subject, but still thought these women were strange.

"Lady Galadriel has instructed me to show you and your travel companions the beauties of the Golden Wood."

Debora's voice said in Claudia's head 'As if Claudia hasn't seen SOME beauties already out here...'

Claudia coughed lightly to hide her fit of laughter, but blushed furiously.

"We will join you shortly, captain. Thank you," and then closed the door a bit forcefully.

She caught Debora and threw her on the bed, tickling her until she was begging for mercy.

They were both laughing like madwomen, as another knock on the door was heard.

"Amaelamin, are you alright?" Claudia could hear Legolas calling for her from outside.

"I'm fine Legolas, just getting ready to go to our tour through Lorien..." but Claudia never finished her sentence, because Debora managed to escape from her and grabbed her feet, which she started tickling until Claudia had tears in the corners of her eyes.

"She is quite fine, Legolas, don't worry. I'll give her unscathed to you. Or almost..."

Outside, Legolas frowned. He didn't consider himself to be as wise as Lady Galadriel or Lord Elrond, or any other of the older elves, but he had always thought he could understand most species, male or female. But he certainly didn't understand those two...'nuts', as they liked to call themselves. Legolas shook his head in bewilderment, and looked over his shoulder just in time to see the new arrival.

"What is going on in there, Legolas?" Boromir asked.

At that exact moment, Claudia had managed to break Debora's grip on her, and started tickling her again, making her shriek loudly.

Boromir, without even thinking, entered the chamber, worried.

"Debora, are you alright?"

When he entered the chamber, followed suit by Legolas, they only found both women laughing madly at each other, like two children. Boromir noticed that Claudia was in her previous clothes while Debora was dressed in what looked like an elfish gown of a deep shade of green that made her red-hair stood out even more.

"What is going on here?" He asked, between anger and amusement. "Well, let's just say that we needed a laugh today!" Debora and Claudia answered together, which only caused them to look at each other and fall into yet another fit of laughter.

Boromir and Legolas eyed each other. They would never understand those two.



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