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Summary: Hmmm, about technophobes and friends who mean well.

Chapter Eleven

Jennifer felt like running along with Merlin for awhile, letting him lead as she ran blindly down the snow covered street. The snowplows had already been out to push as much of the snow away as they could, but it still left quite a bit on the road. She didn't care, just as long as she was able to run out her frustration. How could he do that to her?

Shaking her head, she put it out of her mind and just ran till her eyes were watery and her nose was running. When she figured Merlin had had enough as well, Jennifer turned them back toward the house and did a light jog. She could feel the cold air burning in her lungs, and was grateful to have something else to focus on for a bit.

She didn't know exactly what she was going to face when she got back to the house. Would he make some excuse and then leave? The taxis would be running, so there wouldn't be anything to hold him back from leaving.

When she entered the house, the last thing Jennifer had expected was to smell food cooking. She let Merlin on into the house, watching as the big brute headed right for his warm bed by the heater. Jennifer went to investigate the wonderful smell. She found Orlando at the stove, flipping what looked to be pancakes in the air and letting them land with a flourish in the pan. He glanced over his shoulder at her, smiling brightly, this time it reached to his eyes.

"About time you got back, love. I thought I was going to have to search for you," he said, giving the pancake one more flip and then sliding it onto a nearby plate, where a stack already waited.

"I see you've been busy," she said, stepping closer.

"Hmm, yes. I figured we'd have to eat some time. Want to grab another plate and set these on the table."

Jennifer moved around the kitchen in stunned silence, wondering just what was going on here. They sat down at the small table Jen had in her kitchen, each just concentrating on getting their forks to their mouths for the first few minutes.

"You're awful quite," he said, watching her chew on her pancakes.

Jennifer shrugged her shoulders. "What's to say?"

"A lot. We could start with what happened this morning."

"You mean when you started to regret-"

"I don't regret it, Jennifer!" he interrupted. "I'm just worried."

"About what?" she asked, her eyes meeting his.

Orlando hesitated. "Maybe you should finish your breakfast first, love."

Jennifer sighed and let her fork drop to her plate with a clatter. "Orlando, if you're going to tell me you're leaving, just do it and get it over with. I don't want to sit here with this lump in my stomach, worrying about what it is you're wanting to say."

"Jen, last night wasn't a mistake, and I don't regret it. But something happened…that might change things…for both of us," he said, hesitantly.


"Well…" Orlando ran a hand through his hair nervously. "I…last night…the condom broke."

Jennifer waited for him to say something more, but when he didn't the seriousness of the situation sunk in. "Oh."

"That's it? Oh? That's all you have to say?" he asked, a bit on the exasperated side.

"Well…what do you want me to say?"

Orlando sat there gaping at her for a minute. "How the bloody hell should I know!? I just thought you would fall apart on me or something!"

Jennifer laughed…she actually laughed at him. "Orlando, you act as if it's the end of the world or something. You do realize that the chances are very slim that I'm pregnant."

"How the fuck should I know that?"

"Because…one time doesn't get it for everyone."

"And for some that's all it takes," he countered.

Jennifer sighed and sank back in her chair, "I promise, if I am…it'll all work out."

"How? We can't even get together for a real date!"

She got up out of her chair and came around to sit in his lap, stroking his hair back from his face. "You know…I remember a time when I thought the world was going to end for me. I could have died and cared less about what I left behind. And then I called a friend…someone who became more than a friend that night. He reminded me that no matter what happens, things come out alright in the end. And you know what? He was right."

Orlando sighed and leaned his head on her shoulder. "You think that was pretty clever, don't you?"

Jennifer laughed softly. "Well, I try. But I'm not certain if I can match wits with you, love," she said, putting on her best imitation of his accent. "Everything will be okay, Orlando, I assure you."

He nodded slowly, his arms tightening around her as he just sat, breathing her in.

"Think your plane will leave tonight?"

"I don't think so," he answered, not bothering to lift his head. "In fact, I think I might be snowed in here for a little while longer than I thought."

When he raised his head to smile at her, Jennifer laughed and nodded her agreement.

"Yeah, I think you're right. Four…five…"


"Eight days the most."

"I think you're right," he said, giving a fake sigh. "So, let me call my agent, explain the situation, cancel my ticket and then we can do whatever you want today."

Jennifer's dark brows rose slowly. "Anything? Oh, now that might be interesting…hurry and go make your call."

She let him up to go use the phone in her room. Jennifer sat down and started to finish her pancakes, that he had so lovingly made for her. She paused at putting a forkful in her mouth and thought to what he had said. She put a hand over her belly and wondered…could she be?


Billy woke with cramps and aches where he didn't know he could have them. Not to mention feeling downright chilled. He rose his head from the crooked way he was laying, and saw that he held a warm bundle in his arms.


He smiled as he glanced down sleepily and saw that she was still snoring away, her face buried underneath the afghan she had covered herself with last night. She was curled up against him, but he had no idea which was she was facing. Pulling back the layer that separated them, he saw that she was facing away from him.

He pushed some of her hair back from her face, trying not to laugh when she just buried more down in the covers. Her rump pushed back into him, nearly knocking him off the couch as she tried to get warm again. Since one of his hands was pinned beneath her, the other was left out in the cold. Smiling, he slid his hand beneath the cover, making sure he touched bare skin.

Michelle gave a loud shriek and then came up all arms and legs, nearly knocking them both in the floor. Billy caught her easily enough, laughing the whole time.

"Somethin' the matter, love?" he laughed, when she finally settled in his arms.

Michelle blinked a couple of times, her eyes so wide, till she recognized him. Sighing, she laid her head on his chest. "You are evil," she muttered.

Billy laughed again, finding he was liking the feel of her against him way too much. "Aye, and the quicker ye learn that the better."

"Why is it so cold in here?"

"Me guess would be cause it's cold outside."

"Smart ass," she mumbled, pushing away from him. Michelle got to her feet and went to look at the thermostat for her heat. She frowned and tapped it a couple of times. Then she realized something else. "Oh no…"

"What is it?"

"The power is out."

"That would explain it bein' so cold," Billy said, shivering as he reached for his coat. Michelle trudged over to the window and sighed when she saw all the snow. "Well, you might as well get comfortable, Scottie, you're not going anywhere for awhile."

Billy walked up behind her, wrapping his arms around her waist as if he did it every morning when he woke up. He peered out the window, his head resting on her shoulder. "Guess this means ye willna be gettin' rid of me as fast as ye think."

Michelle shivered again, but she blamed it on the cold. "Yeah, well, I could still throw your ass out in the snow for waking me up."

He laughed and kissed her cheek, "Aye, but ye willna do it."

Michelle smiled as she turned to face him. "Well, Scottie, you've got a choice. Either start breakfast or take a quick shower. There should be just enough hot water left for us to both get a hot one before the warm water runs out. Then it'll be cold city till the power is up again."

"How long do ye take to shower?"

"Depends on if I do my hair."

"Forget it, I'll get mine first. Wouldna want damage to any vital parts because ye washed yer hair."

Michelle gasped and shoved him away. "Fine. But if you take up all the hot water, I'm coming after you."

Billy caught her arm before she could stomp by him and pulled her close…too close. "Promise?"

Michelle found she was absolutely speechless, as he gave her a quick kiss and then let her go. "Go start breakfast, woman," he ordered gently, giving her a swat on her behind. She shot him a confused look, mostly because she didn't know what emotion to go with. Michelle was finding that this man was a handful, irritating even…and he suited her perfectly!

By the time she had managed to find something edible for breakfast, Michelle had also managed to get control of herself again. That is until she saw Billy, looking so sexy all rumpled and slightly damp. He shivered hard, and she realized that he was probably freezing.

"I'll go get you a blanket," she said, setting down the bowl of peaches she had just cut up.

Before she could get by him, Billy snagged her around the waist and buried his face in her neck. His nose was cold, which caused her to laugh and try to sneak away from him.

"Ye're better than a blanket, love," he murmured, his voice almost a growl in her ear.

"Yes, but I'm going to shower, and you'll be cold."

"Not if I come with you."

Michelle froze with his suggestive comment, not sure what to say in return. That is until she felt him shaking behind her. Turning her head she saw the wide grin on his face.

"I canna believe ye thought I was serious!" he laughed.

Michelle fumed, as she swung her elbow back, catching him in the gut. "You ass," she muttered and stormed her way to the bathroom. "Get your own blanket!"

Once she was in the bathroom, she leaned against the closed door and sighed, a smile on her face. If he only knew what she had really wanted to say…he wouldn't be laughing so hard.


Orlando lay on his side, his head propped up with his hand, as he slowly trailed his fingers down the length of Jennifer's bare arm. He smiled as she shifted in the bed, throwing him a lazy smile and went back to her "basking" as she called it.

"Are you through basking?" he asked, bending to kiss her shoulder.

"No," she sighed, snuggling her head more into her pillow, which also sent her bottom directly to his groin.

He groaned and grabbed her hip to still her movements, before she caused some serious problems. "When do you think you'll be done?"

Jennifer cracked one eye open and turned to look at him. "You can't possibly be ready to go at it again," she laughed, not missing his smile or the wagging eyebrows. "You're insatiable."

"I know, but only with you, love."

She laughed softly and then went quiet. Orlando continued to run his fingers lightly down her arm and back, not missing the sad sounding sigh she let out.

"What is it?" he asked, leaning over to see her face.

Her eyes were wide open, staring at the far wall. "Nothing."

"Don't lie to me, Jen."

Jennifer flipped, facing him, her expression sorrowful. "I was just thinking about what it would be like when you go back to L.A."

"I'm not on a plane, yet, am I?"

She frowned slightly and ran a hand down the length of his bare chest. "No."

"Then don't think about it till the time comes. Let's make the most of our time. Worry about the rest later. Isn't that what you told me while ago?"

"Yes, but it's much easier to give advice than take it."

He laughed and pulled her closer, pressing a kiss to the top of her head. "You know, I was thinking about something too."

"What's that?" Her words were muffled from where her face was pressed against the side of his neck.

"I was thinking about this certain look you get on your face that I love."

Jennifer pulled back to smile up at him. "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah," he murmured, sliding a hand down her back and between her parted thighs.

"Looks a little something like...that."


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