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IIt was almost sunset, and the riders of Rohan were camping hours away from the ruins of Isengard.

After having talked to Treebeard, Gandalf and Theoden had returned to Isengard and sought out Saruman. Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Cyrene and Eomer had accompanied the king and the wizard to the encounter.

It had been terrible. They had felt the incredible power of Saruman's voice, almost taking command over them, and had also been very impressed how Gandalf had defeated the older wizard. As result of the fight of the wizards, Saruman and Wormtongue were left behind at Isengard, guarded by the ents. Also, they had come in possession of a magical seeing stone, a palantir, which had belonged to Saruman before.

Gandalf the White urged them to leave Isengard, but the night caught up with them and they had to camp in a valley outside Isengard, next to the Isen River. Cyrene issued some instructions to the archers, and left the camp behind, heading towards the site where she knew she would find Gandalf and the travelers. She was still in awe of the duel of power she had witnessed in the afternoon, as it had been the first time she had seen magic work.

As she approached the fire, she stood for a moment between the bushes and smiled at the scene that she encountered; the hobbits sat with Gimli and were eating and talking to the dwarf at the same time, lively little creatures that they were. Gandalf and Aragorn were sitting on the other side of the fire, smoking their pipes and observing the hobbits and the dwarf. And Legolas was nowhere to be seen.

She didn't hear him approach, she rather felt him come closer. Her heart stopped a beat and she forgot to breath for a second, as she felt his breath on her neck and his beautiful voice whispering in her ear. "Welcome, my friend."

Inside of Cyrene, all sorts of conflicting emotions were raging. She wanted to run and also to be able to fight the urge to surrender to the warmth of the body that was mere inches behind her back. She gave in and let herself lean into Legolas' arms.

The elf was surprised, but gently received her weight into his frame and started breathing gentle kisses on her neck, following the line of her throat until the point where her pulse was beating, quickly, like the heart of a captive bird. He inhaled her smell, the smell of jasmine and orange blossom. Cyrene lifted her face towards his and he kissed her, gently first, nipping her lips, and then taking possession of her mouth.

They almost didn't hear the call from the fire. "Legolas, is that you in the bushes?" said Pippin's shrill voice.

Cyrene stiffened in Legolas' arms and he leant his forehead against her temple. She didn't draw back, but he felt her catching her breath and trying to get control of herself. He held her for one more second, before answering to those sitting by the fire. "Yes, it is me. "

Cyrene looked up into his eyes, and changed her mind about visiting the hobbit's camp. She walked away from Legolas and silently retraced her own steps returning to the camp of the Rohirrim.

Legolas looked after her, and then walked back to the fire. This woman was going to drive him insane.


Cyrene went back to the archers and leaving her sword, bow, quiver and axe by her saddle, she took her blanket and a little satchel with her, walking down to the river that flowed nearby. She walked as far as she figured it would be enough not to be seen by any of the soldiers and sentinels. She chose a secluded place, built a little fire and stripped. She needed a cold dive in the water.

Legolas had settled back to the fire with his companions, but he was absentminded. He kept remembering the feel of Cyrene against his body, tall and willowy, a little bit shorter than him but rather tall for any woman, soft and supple but also muscled and lean. Her smell was still lingering in his nostrils, the feel of her hair caressing his face made him hard for the Amazon all over again.

He stood up, and decided to go to the river to cool his body. And then he would talk to Cyrene. There was much to be told and as she had seemed to accept him and he had felt her own need, he was sure they would be able to talk about the situation.

Cyrene swam in the cold water for a while, remembering the warm clear waters of the ocean in Artemis Island. She dived and came up again, swimming to the shore to retrieve the soap and finish her bath. She felt better now, she was again in control of her own body. Had the elf put a spell on her? Cyrene had to force her thoughts away from Legolas again, or the cold bath would have been for nothing.

Legolas walked by the camp of the Rohirrim and saw Cyrene's saddle and her weapons by the fire where the archers were already preparing for the night. As he asked about her to the sentinel, he told him that the captain had left towards the river.

The foolish woman had walked away from the camp unarmed? Legolas shook his head to clear his thoughts. He had to remind himself that this was no ordinary woman. This was an Amazon, capable of taking care of herself and his equal on any battlefield, as he could testify. He walked towards the river, going in his mind through what he wanted to tell her.

When Legolas found and silently approached the small camp, he couldn't see Cyrene anywhere. He only heard soft splashing coming from the water. She was washing her black hair, standing in the water that went to her hips. The Amazon lifted her arms to finish lathering her hair, and the sight of her naked body hit Legolas like a blow to his chest.

Always clad in wider, concealing clothes, he had not imagined how she would look like. In the soft moonlight falling on the river he saw all of her. Her waist was small, her breast were high and luscious, with dark nipples that were drawn tight by the cold from the water. Her arms where firm and slightly muscled, as was the archer's way. She went under water again to rinse her hair and as she surfaced again, he could catch a glimpse of her hips, her thighs and the dark nest between her legs. Legolas cursed under his breath, and jumped on the branch of a tree next to her camp. He would wait until she finished her bath to talk to her. He did not wish to embarrass her.

Cyrene felt somebody watching her. She gripped the dagger strapped to her calf, but as she recognized the blonde hair of the elf sitting in the tree, she let her hand fall again. She resumed her bathing, flushed by the thought of Legolas watching her.

She came out of the water, and enveloped herself in the blanket she had brought. Cyrene had never been ashamed of her body, but she knew that people in this world hid their nudity from another. So she dressed before letting Legolas know she had seen him.

Legolas observed her emerge from the dark water from the river and saw the dagger strapped to her calf. So maybe she wasn't a fool. Cyrene took her time, putting her deerskin leggings and then some kind of deerskin vest on. The vest was laced tightly and held her breasts tight to her body as to hide them, while the leggings were loose as to cover up her curves. Once she had pulled her boots and tunic, she looked up directly to where he sat on the tree. "I guess you might come down now, Master Elf."

So, the amazon had known he was there. He was surprised, again, that she could hear and see him move. But the elf knew she was a hunter, so he just smiled at her and sprang from the tree.

"I looked for you, Cyrene, because I wanted to talk to you," he started. But she never let him finish. She walked over to him and put her arm on his. "I do not wish to talk about some things between us, Legolas. Just let it be. I have my duty and you have yours. "

Legolas looked into her amber eyes and nodded. He was not going to force anything upon her. If she wasn't ready, he would wait.

They sat by the fire in silence.

"Don't you want to go back to the camp?" asked Legolas.

"Not yet. Maybe by sunrise. I'd rather stay here. I love the water," said Cyrene.

"But you should sleep, Cyrene." Insisted the elf.

She really felt she needed some hours of sleep. "Will you stay or go back, Legolas?"

Legolas pondered carefully what he was going to say. "If I may, I'd stay of course, my friend. I will guard your sleep, if you wish to rest."

Cyrene smiled broadly at him, warming his heart. "Oh yes, I remember, elves do not sleep. I cherish your company, Legolas, and I'd be honored to have you guard my sleep. Tell me about the place you come from, Master Elf, as it is your turn to tell about your people."

Cyrene leant back against the trunk of a tree, and listened to Legolas soft voice telling her about the beautiful Mirkwood and the dark forests surrounding it.

Not before long, Legolas saw her eyes closing and Cyrene fell asleep, with a contented smile on her lips, dreaming of trees and elves.


Cyrene felt the fingers touching all over her body arousing her almost to the point of pain. Se reached desperately towards the hands touching her and couldn't find them, grabbing into air. Her lips ached for the touch of the lips she thought had feasted upon her and her whole body trembled. She was naked and felt a light breeze on her skin . But she missed the warmth of the hands and lips she felt before she wanted more she moaned out loud, as her body arched up like if it had a will of its own.

Legolas was staring into the fire, trying to sort out his thoughts and his feelings, for every time he shared a moment with the Amazon he got more confused and insecure of what to do next. This was not a matter of sleeping with her to get the woman out of his mind. He felt genuinely attracted to her, not only because of the desire that surged through his senses, but also because he saw in her soul a depth that rivaled the soul of any elf.

He heard her moaning loud in her sleep and her body shooting off the ground. He came over to her, afraid she was in pain or having a nightmare. He took her face in his hands, gently cupping her cheek. She kept her eyes closed, but snuggled her face into the palm of his hand and rubbed her lips against his thumb. And she moaned again before her eyes opened in shock.

"Cyrene, are you well?" asked Legolas in concern.

Her eyes were wide open, her heart beating like a drum, her every sense tingling. She noticed that she was fully clothed and Legolas looked confused. She had been dreaming.

Cyrene tried to get a grip on her body and mind. She could not. Her blood was pumping through her body like lighting and her body moved out of it's own volition. She swallowed hard, and tried to speak to ease Legolas, who was looking at her, still cradling her face. "I can't control this . I need what have you done to me?" her voice broke, as a single tear fell off the corner of her eye.

Legolas understood what was happening. And also understood that this woman had never before known a man's touch. It pained him to see her suffering.

"Listen to me, Cyrene. You have to find release from what you are feeling, and I can help you. Do you wish my help?"

The Amazon blushed in shame and closed her eyes. She knew what he meant. And she wanted him. She needed him. She had to yield herself to him.

As she opened her eyes, there were no more tears. But the elf saw the resignation in her look, and surrender, hopeless surrender.

Legolas took a deep breath. He did not want to break her will, but he wanted her to share with him the joy of lovemaking. She would not have to yield but to give herself willingly into a joining of bodies and souls. So this night would be a gift from him, his gift to her.

The elf took his cloak off and spread it on the ground next to where Cyrene was laying. He took his leather jerkin off and stretched next to the Amazon. Her eyes were closed again, and she was trembling. He touched her face again, and very lightly breathed little kisses on her lips. She moaned and her hands went to pull his head to her. He kissed her deeply, and felt her body wriggling to be closer to him. "Don't move, amaelamin, let me cherish you and give you pleasure, Cyrene." Her eyes were still shut as she nodded, and she bit her lower lip.

His hands went to her tunic, and he took it gently off her, then he opened the lacings of her vest and then her leggings and boots. He covered them both with the cloaks and snuggled her closer to him, that she may not feel cold.

But her skin radiated warmth, and he marveled at the sight of the honey-colored body offered to him. Between her breasts, that were eager peaks waiting for his attention, lay a little medallion in the form of the crescent moon, tied with a leather strap to her neck. The moment his hand touched her ribcage, she shot out from the ground, but she lay still again, the effort bringing out sweat on her forehead.

Legolas wished he could have all night to worship this woman, but she needed her release soon. He gently traced with his fingers the soft skin and began kissing softly her breasts, starting at the base , making circles until he reached one nipple, while he caressed the other breast . Cyrene's body arched again, as his mouth fastened on one nipple , sucking and lapping it avidly. He turned his attention to the other breast, as his hand draw figures over her tummy and slowly slid down to her hips and thighs. When his hand touched her mound, her legs were shut tight, and he felt her tense. He slid back to her side, kissing her face and her lips again. Then he traced the line of her jaw to her ear, nibbling her earlobe. His hands were still drawing lazy circles around her breasts and tummy, caressing the hard nubs of her nipples. He whispered in her ear . "Beloved, let me touch everywhere, like the sun touches the flower. Do you trust me, Cyrene?"

Cyrene's eyes flew open. She was beyond words, lost in the sensations his hands and mouth provoked in her body, more vivid and intense than anything she could have dreamed of. He was actually asking, before taking her? She had made up her mind to endure him taking possession of her body, but this gentle being was asking for her permission to enter her more intimate core. She sighed, as she looked up into his beautiful blue eyes, darkened by passion. Cyrene lost herself in Legolas' eyes and nodded, pulling his face back to hers, to kiss him freely and pouring all the passion gathered in her soul into the kiss.

Legolas slid his hand down to draw more patterns on her thighs, and as they opened for him, he slowly, ever so slowly, and lightly touched her core, gently easing the folds apart until he fount the tiny knot that held her ecstasy. He tenderly stroked her and plucked at the nub, while still kissing her , feeling her breathing getting faster and her body lifting towards his touch. His mouth followed the path of his hands, and as he breathed on the curly nest of hair between her legs she gasped in shock. But he held her thighs down and kissed her thigh, before touching her core with his tongue.

A ragged cry broke from her throat as she came and the force or her first orgasm almost threw her out of the blanket. Legolas saw her arch and thought that he had never before seen anything as beautiful as this before. She was still lost in the aftermath, as the elf gathered her into his arms and held her as if she was fragile and light. Her broken sobs tore at his heart, and her tears drenched his tunic. For she had noticed that he was still fully clothed and painfully aroused. She had feared conquering and ravishment, but he had generously given her tenderness and release, without taking anything for himself. She was confused, thankful and ashamed.

"You have not sought your release, Legolas. My body was yours for the taking, and you did not use it. Why?"

He sighed, for he was still fighting to get his own body under control. "Amaelamin, this night was for you. I will not take what you don't willingly offer, and my wish is not to conquer, but to share. I wish some time you will come to me from your own volition, and then we will soar together. Not before. "

Cyrene enjoyed being held by Legolas, as her heart was slowly falling back into its normal pace. He smelled of wood and earth after the rain, and she had never noticed how good this smell could be. She closed her eyes, and for an instant she felt as if she belonged there.

A piercing cry was heard in the night and Legolas and Cyrene jumped to their feet. "The scream came from our camp," said Legolas, picking up his jerkin and putting it on. Cyrene was lacing her leggings, and reached for her boots. "Run Legolas, they might need you. I will follow right behind you." The elf looked down at the woman that was half-dressed, readying herself for a fight . Gone was the confused creature he had held moments before. This was a warrior, the same he had met at Helm's Deep.

He nodded and ran towards the fire where he knew his friends of the Fellowship would be, feeling for a moment guilty for having left them behind. He prayed to the Valar to find them well.



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