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Gender: Feminine
: English
Kristin is short for Kristina, the Scandinavian form of Christiana, the feminine form of Christian, an English vocabulary word for someone belonging to the Christian religion.

Kristin arose an alternative for Kristen (also from Kristina) which was brought to the United States in the 19th century by Scandinavian settlers. It became highly popular in the latter half of the 20th century.

The reason for this may be the 1933 film Queen Christina about Queen Kristina starring Greta Garbo. Another influence may be the epic Kristin Lavransdatter by Nobel-prize winning Norwegian author Sigrid Undset. It was written in 1920-1922.

Please see Christiana or Kristen for additional information.

Pronunciation: kris-tin

Diminutives: Kristi, Kristie, Kristy.

Percentage from the 1990 U.S. Census:
0.099 % named Kristin

Popularity of Kristin:
Popularity (for newborns)
In the United States...
1900-1940: N/A
1940-1950: 577th most popular.
1950-1960: 427th most popular.
1960-1970: 159th most popular.
1970-1980: 75th most popular.
1980-1990: 42nd most popular.
1990: 66th most popular.
1991: 86th most popular.
1992: 95th most popular.
1993: 113th most popular.
1994: 117th most popular.
1995: 134th most popular.
1996: 151st most popular.
1997: 176th most popular.
1998: 210th most popular.
1999: 268th most popular.
2000: 302nd most popular.
2001: 323rd most popular.
2002: 366th most popular.
2003: 422nd most popular.

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