"Such nice things I'd heard of him. He was instrumental in the founding
of educational establishements... his concern for, and help to, his
pupils, extended beyond their educational activities and lives... he had
been an instigator of people's education even in how best to work the
land... it was he who had given the poet his first knowledge of poetry.

"... His works, also on youth morality, I would later hear praises of,
from the highest of the religious offices. At his club he had encouraged
many useful discussions, debates; his views which he considered
useful he did not deny the benefit of to others in newspaper columns.

"The things I have heard! Such as how, in his twenties, schools were
saved from closure... How attempts at de-ethnisizing of the orphan
children were fought against... And, these are only some of them!"
"... in rememberance of him... we wish to recollect the
thoughts of Orhan Seyfi Ari... (his) defense in the
achieving of our liberties was with vigour and fearless."

Akay Cemal
editor, leader
column Halkin
Sesi 27 Dec 92

' Seyfi ' is
Orhan Ari's
middle name
'sword of,
fighter for'
in philosophy
On teacher Ari
-Harid Fedai in
Halkin Sesi of
27 Dec. 1992

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