Seattle Center      12-8-93           AUD/8                 2

Disc 1
Intro**,Release,Evenflow,Dissident,intro,Go,Animal,Jeremy,Deep,Why Go,
Daughter,W.M.A.,Glorified G,Alive,Once,Footsteps,Porch
Disc 2
Last Exit,Big Wave,Blood,State of Love and Trust,I've Got a Feeling,
Rearviewmirror,Rockin in the Free World,intro***,Whippin,***,Leash*,Black*,
Crazy Mary w/Victoria Williams*,Indifference***
*Portland 9-6-93
**Seattle 12-7-93
***Seattle 12-9-93

11/07/96 - Le Zenith: Paris, France       SB/8           2

Wash, Hail Hail, Last Exit, Once, Tremor Christ, Who You Are,
Corduroy Better Man/(Save it for Later), Even Flow, Jeremy,
Off He Goes, Animal,Daughter/(Improv)/(Androgynous Mind),
Lukin, Rearviewmirror, I Got Shit,Whipping, Alive
enc 1: Roadhouse Blues, Sometimes, Black,
State of Love and Trust, Porch enc 2: Smile, Yellow Ledbetter

Melbourne, Au    3/5/98      FM/10         2

Disc 1
Release,Brain of J,Animal,Faithfull,In My Tree,I Got ID,
Corduroy,Wishlist,Evenflow,Spin the Black...,Daughter,
Given to Fly,Hail Hail,MFC,Crazy Mary
Disc 2
Elderly Woman...,Off He Goes,State of Love...,Do the

2000-06-22   Milan, Italy    SB/9     2

Disc 1
Of The Girl,Corduroy,Grievance, God's Dice , Animal ,Given To Fly,
Rival ,Small Town ,Even Flow , Not For You, Thin Air , Light Years ,
Mfc, Present Tense ,Daughter, Jeremy

Disc 2
Don't Go,Encore Break,Nothing Man,Sleight Of Hand ,Betterman ,
Wishlist,Insignificance, Rvm , Evolution, Garden,State Of Love And Trust,
Black, Smile, E: Rocking In The Free World

Best of 2000 tour    SB/9           2

Disc 1
oceans,courduroy,breakerfal,the whipping,faithfull,dissident
nothing as it seems,breath,evenflow,daughter,red mosquito
go,present tense,nothingman,animal,i got shit,last exit

Disc 2
Sleight of hand,tremor christ,state of love and trust
in my tree,wash,light years,not for you,crown of thorns
parting ways,rocking in the free world
Bonus tracks:strangest tribe,driften',dont be shy
Pearl Jam
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