Blue Oyster Cult
Minneapolis    8/19/80         SB/8      2

Disc 1
Dr Music,ETI,Lips in the Hills,Unknown Tongue,Cities on Flame,
Marshall Plan,Hungry Boys,Divine Wind,ME-262
Disc 2
Hot Rails to Hell,Black Blade,Godzilla,Bass solo,5 Guitars,
Born to be Wild,Dont Fear the Reaper

NEW YORK CITY, NY 6/18/81             SB/9          2

Disc 1
Dr Music, E.T.I., Burnin For You, Fire Of Unknown Origin, Cities On Flame, Joan Crawford, Flaming Telepaths, Veterin Of The Psychic Wars, Hot Rails To Hell,
Disc 2
ME 262, Heavy Metal: The Black & Silver, Dont Fear The Reaper, Godzilla, Born To Be Wild

"Ten Years Gone" 
The Centrum   Worcester, Massachusetts      82/08/12          FM/8           1
(TAO, S#$T!)

This Aint the Summer...,Joan Crawford,Cities on Flame,Bucks Boogie,
Veteran of the Psychic Wars,Dont Fear...,Godzilla,Drums,Bass,
Born 2 be Wild,Burnin...

"Into The Crypts Of Rays"
Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA, March 27, 1986     FM/10       1

R.U. Ready 2 Rock,White Flags,Take Me Away, Dancin' In The Ruins,
Shadow Warrior, Burning For You,Godzilla,Wings Of Mercury,
(Dont' Fear) The Reaper,Born To Be Wild,Let Go,Shooting Shark

The Thing    NY      6-16-87                    FM/10             2

Disc 1
Dr. Music,ETI,Burnin for You,Fire of Unknown Origin,
Cities on Flame,Joan Crawford,Flaming Telepaths,
Veteran of Psychic Wars,?
Disc 2
?,Black and Silver,Dont Fear the Reaper,Godzilla,
Born to be Wild,Bass solo,Roadhouse

"Imaginos"      out of print studio album            1

I am the One You Warned Me Of,Les Invisibles,In the Presence of Another
World,Del Rio's Song,The Siege and Investiture of Baron Von Frankenstein's
Castle at Weisseria,Astronomy,Magna of Illusion,Blue Oyster Cult,Imaginos

Cleveland 6/28/91   FM/9                    2

Disc 1
Intro,Enter,Stairway to the Stars,Dominance/Submission,
Before the Kiss a Redcap,ETI,Bucks Boogie,Take Me Away,
Cities on Flame,Astronomy,Career of Evil
Disc 2
Unknown Tongue,Burnin 4 You,Godzilla,Dont Fear the
Reaper,Summer of Love

Ventura Theatre, Ventura, CA     95/09/03       SB/9      2
(TAO, F#&K!)

Disc 1
Stairway to...,Dr Music,OD'd on Life Itself,ETI,Before the Kiss...,
See You in Black,Take Me Away,Cities on Flame,Astronomy
Disc 2
In Thee,Red and Black,Burnin...,Godzilla,Dont Fear,Joan Crawford,
This Aint the Summer...,?

The Studio    Pittsfield, Massachusetts      97/02/21    FM/9           2

Disc 1
Stairway...,B4 the Kiss...,ETI,Harvest Moon,Bucks Boogie,Shooting Shark,
Live for Me,Cities...,Then Came the Last Days of May,Blues/In Thee
Disc 2
Burnin...,Godzilla,Dont Fear...,Golden Age of Leather,Red and Black,
(rest unknown date, poorer quality)Harvest Moon,Bucks Boogie,
Someday Someone,Live for Me,Cities on Flame
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