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News 2/2/08
Though we haven't been active on the boards I know that people are still reading the things on this site. Now with the holidays behind us we can get back to writing. Most of us come from an internet wrestling background. So if you want to get back into that I'd suggest Shootclub. Shootclub is not just an online wrestling is THE online wrestling game. It's full of friendly staff and handlers and has some things you will never find in a run of the mill efed. You'll want to check it out. Trust me. I'm about to return there myself. Here's the link kids:

Shootclub Online Wrestling Game

I'm working on adding to the Wrestling: Life Outside The Ring section. The next episode of DBSQ: Planet Kroplic is in the works, but will most likely be delayed for awhile. When I have an estimated completion date I'll let you know.
Nothing here yet.


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