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These are some of my recent works.

I paint the beauty I see in this world. I try to concentrate on the serene and quiet nature of all things and hope to convey this feeling of peace, that can make you as the viewer feel better.
My favorite subject is that which has vibrancy, grace of form and the true essence of spirituality.
Often that will be life forms; whether plants,animals or people.
However I believe the same can be found in the inanimate. It is just harder to interpret.
I hope you enjoy viewing these works and I will post more as time permits.
Feel free to express your opinion-as an artist I need the information that comes from you to determine if I am correctly expressing my view.
Thank you.
The Tree Peonies
This is a plant growing on the grounds of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.
It is painted in acrylics on canvas,30"x36"
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