Our Hitchhikers

Yes, you were told never to pick up a hitchhiker, but in the Letterboxing world it's OK, really, as long as it's a hitchhiker according to the Letterboxing definition, which is a letterbox with no permanent home because it's moved from box to box.   

If you find one of our hitchhikers, please follow these guidelines:

  Do not place our hitchhikers in Postal Letterboxes (they don't like to fly). 

  Do not take our hitchhikers to gatherings for mass stamp-ins (they don't like crowds).    

  We like to keep track of our creations.  If you find one of our hitchhikers, let us know when and where at doodle_n_deedle @ yahoo.com.  You can also post of their travels to the Yahoo Letterbox Travellers Group

 Below is a list of our hitchhikers and their travels as far as we know:

 The Wandering Rocker 
 Released 6/18/05 at Cleveland Rocks, Dexter, MI (2005 Great Lakes Letterbox Gathering)
 Date   Found At  City & State  Found By
 June 18, 2005  Cleveland Rocks  Dexter, MI  The Christmas Elves

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