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Welcome to our Letterboxing home on the web!  What is Letterboxing?  It's an addictive pastime that combines many things, such as treasure hunting, stamp carving, riddles, and walking through mud (if it rained the night before).  The Letterboxing North America website is where you should start your search to learn more. 

This page chronicles our adventures in Letterboxing.  We hope you enjoy reading about the journeys our quests for boxes in the woods have taken us on!  Maybe you'll even discover some new boxes to find.  If you're new to Letterboxing, watch out, you might get bitten by the "bug." 

As a note, we don't intend our page to be a what's what of Letterboxing, merely an electronic journal for our adventures and boxes.  In addition to the LbNA website, there are also many other excellent Letterboxing how-to-get-started websites already in existence.  If you've never Letterboxed before, a simple Google search will help you find them, or just click on the webring icon below!  Note, however, that before you begin any Letterboxing regiment, you must first read and accept the Waiver of Responsibility and Disclaimer located at the Letterboxing North America website.  


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