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D and D Lovers Inc. (Est. 1995)
Dynnell, Diona, & Symphony in '07

For 2 years,7 months,2 weeks, 3 days, 6 hours, 27 minutes, 34 seconds and counting, I have been the luckiest, happiest, and proudest man on earth. The reason for my astoundingly uplifting mood is above and below. Her name is Diona and I love her more than life itself. I love her with ALL of my heart. I love her more than the whole wide universe. I even love her more than that!

The truth of the matter is that there is no numerical, theoretical, or philosophical equation that could ever come close to expressing my tremendous love and respect for her. She has no idea how much her mere presence affects me. From the first time I saw her to this moment, I have tried to make her happy and make her feel like she is the luckiest woman on earth. I wanted to make her feel as special as I know she is.

She has become a part of me and without her I would surely die. That is the reason for the name of our happy union: D&D Lovers Inc. We are one. We are also experts in the art of maintaining a very REAL mature relationship full of communication, trust, patience, understanding, and unconditional love for one another. This website is something for her that I hope will make her happy as she has always made me. I hope she realizes just how much she means to me.

2 Lovers + 2 gether=4ever Crazy Cool!Crazy 'bout ya!!

Is there any doubt that we belong together? We compliment each other so much. We must be the coolest couple to come out in a long time and now everyone can see that. A love like ours is not commonplace in this world. I have never been a part of something of which I could be this proud and happy. She is the reason for my happiness and no one could EVER seperate us.

Remember Prom '97?

Hot Prom '97

The senior prom was DA BOMB!!DA BOMB!! It was at the University Center at Edwardsville and it was one of the greatest and most exciting nights of our lives! After enjoying ourselves at the prom, we left to enjoy the dinner reservations we made at the Top O' The Riverfront Restaurant in St. Louis. After a delicious gourmet meal, we then took an hour long horse carriage ride by the riverfront. It was a night to remember, alright!

Yearround Valentines!


"I loved you yesterday, I love you still
Always have, always will."
A Rose For My Beautiful Lady


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I would die for you! But, I'd rather live for you!

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