2005 Physco Circus
255 Lbs.
Finisher: JoKeR's WilD
Record: 0 W- 2 L

The World Wrestling Empire
InSide The Ring w/ Shane Douglas
The Boneyard
                              GAME OVER

[ The crowd erupts with cheers as Creature of the Wheel is blaring over the PA. Red strobes and a thick fog begin to appear through out the arena. Pennywise is no where to be found. The arena goes pitch black as a lonesome red spot light finds a somewhat troubled Pennywise Perched high above the arena floor on the highest balcony. Mic in hand Penny begins to voice his frustrations.]

  Penny- (SCREAMING)  Triple H your ass is mine. Whether I leave that ring on Monday a winner or a loser your blood will be on my hands. I'm sick and tired of your kind. Think you're better than everyone else. You think your somekind of a goddamn champion. Well, you're not so wake the fuck up. You think joining The Alliance will save your ass? Well think again because not one thing will save your ass on Monday. The owner Paul E. Heyman has fed you to the fucking dogs. O' and believe you me we are hungry. You will be my first stop on my
TOUR OF PAIN. This Monday Xander and I will seperate the men from the boys and I guess you already know what category you fit into. Once we are finished with you  it'll be on to The Fall of The Empire PPV and those WWE Tag Team titles. Who knows what will happen from now till then, but you can bet your sweet ass I'll be there. Those titles will be coming home with me and the Dark Carnival. Madd Dogg and Reverend don't believe for one second I'm not watching you two as well. You Have what I want. The one thing I'll sacrafice anything for: WWE Gold. My path of pain and destruction will not subside until I achieve my goal as a champion here in the WWE. HHH sleep tight motherfucker cause the CARNIVAL IS COMING TO YOUR TOWN.

[ The arena jumps to their feet in support of their new found hero. Chants of Pennywise are heard throughout the arena. As the lights fade out a very distinct image is shown on the Titantron. It appears to be a tombstone with HHH's name on it. The date of the death on the stone is October 24, 2005. A spotlight is now showing back on Pennywise.]

Kryptic Writings

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